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Winning illustration by Claudia Radvanyi

Winning illustration by Claudia Radvanyi

For our inaugural BHS Creative Challenge, we invited artists to submit their fashion-inspired illustrations for a chance to be published in the Fall Issue of Bal Harbour Magazine and win $2,500. Congratulations to Claudia Radvanyi, whose whimsical illustration of Bal Harbour Shops is seen above.

For the last decade, Bal Harbour Magazine has championed the art of fashion illustration, publishing the work of more than a dozen artists in its pages—including Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Donald Robertson, Kelly Beeman, David Downton, Tanya Ling, Megan Hess and Jenny Kroik, who we commissioned to create a limited edition cover for our Spring issue. This issue, we tapped Ruben Toledo to create a limited edition cover and to join us in launching our first Creative Challenge! We received more than 125 entries, from which we selected our top 10 finalists, all of whom received a personalized review by Toledo. Among those finalists, Claudia Radvanyi was selected by our team as the winner.

“Claudia’s charming personal vision has the captivating magic that fashion feeds on,” says Toledo. “Her work is graphic and modern and full of hope for the future and what’s next.”

Famed artist, illustrator and long-time Bal Harbour Shops friend Ruben Toledo took his participation in our BHS Creative Challenge one step further by personally reviewing each of the finalists work. Here, Ruben shares his insights on the creative process.

1. Can you comment on the volume of entries we received, what that means to you in terms of the enthusiasm for this field?
It is great to see so much enthusiasm and diversity of vison expressed in the overwhelming responses—it shows how much passion and talent is out there…who loves fashion, design and self-expression and who is shaping the future of fashion illustration.

2. Can you share why you chose to partner with Bal Harbour Shops on their first-ever Creative Challenge?
My wife Isabel and I have always been fans of Bal Harbour for the ability to create a fantasy bubble of pure delight, a Garden of Eden for design to live in and a perfect melding of fashion, art and architecture freely open to the public—it’s these elements which help enhance the continuous culture of fashion and encourages the lively community which continues to thrive around it like a home away from home.

3. Can you tell us in just a few words, what it is about Claudia’s submission that really speaks to you?
Claudia’s charming personal vision has the captivating magic that fashion feeds on—her work is graphic and modern and full of hope for the future and what’s new.

Follow along @BalHarbourShops where we will continue to spotlight young talent in the creative arena.


Craig Lazell September 30, 2020 at 1:47 am

I love the Illustrations you featured very talented illustrator’s .It might be an idea to have them framed and hung around an area for people to see and prints made to sell in Bal Harbour.
Craig Lazell


Robert Kinsey January 23, 2022 at 3:13 pm

I think it would be great for visitors, connoisseurs and collectors of architectural, garden and fashion illustration to be able to own editions of these Bal Harbour Shops inspired drawings.


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