Kiton is an Italian fashion house founded by Ciro Paone in Naples in 1968. It is now one of the leading international companies operating in the luxury goods sector, and is renowned for its bespoke service (creating a tailored suit which is hand cut and basted) and ready-to-wear men and women’s garments for the tailored collections. The company philosophy celebrates the paramount importance of high quality: “the best of the best +1” represents the motto that accompanies the company throughout the world.

The name Kiton derives from “chiton”, the ceremonial tunic worn by the ancient Greeks to pray to the gods of Olympus.

As the upholder of timeless elegance, Kiton is a byword for excellence due to the care and passion which lie behind the creation of all its garments, each of which is handmade. The needle and thread are the tools used by Kiton tailors who skilfully create unique products enhanced by the highest quality fabrics, such as yarns of pure vicuña, cashmere, precious wools and silks.

9700 Collins Avenue
Bal Harbour, FL 33154
Monday - Sunday:
11 am - 9 pm

Spring/Summer 2021

Dress silk This long-sleeved midi dress comes in silk printed with a brushstroke design in blue and white...
Jacket Cashmere This single-breasted chequered jacket comes in a fine cashmere, wool, silk and linen that features shades of light blue.
Tie Silk This silk tie features a red geometric design against a blue background...

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