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Le Labo’s City Exclusives collection, available this month only at Le Labo Bal Harbour Shops.


Of all the senses, none is as transportive as scent. Perfumer Le Labo taps into that power with its library of fragrances, evoking memories of the salty sea air, sun-drenched meadows, dew-dripped gardens or in the case of City Exclusive collection an entire city vibe in one bottle.

Those well-versed in the brand know well that these 15 fragrances are only available for purchase in the city for which they are named. However, once a year, for the month of September, city boundaries are crossed and we have the chance to be carried away to destinations including Berlin, Tokyo and Amsterdam. Le Labo also invites our global friends to experience Miami—in a bottle.

  1. Le Labo Cedrat fragrance bottle staged with a sliced lime

    Cedrat 37

    Artful, independent and a bit esoteric, Cedrat captures the essence of Berlin with a balance of Cedrat and Ginger and a foundation of that Le Labo sensuality stemming from woodsy, musk and ambergris.
  2. Le Labo Mousse de Chene 30 fragrance bottle

    Mousse de Chene 30

    Amsterdam: damp, intellectual and heady as can be. This translates to Moss and patchouli and pink pepper. This one is as addictive as the city itself, a scent that’s at once traditional and totally progressive.
  3. Le Labo Gaiac 10 fragrance bottle

    Gaiac 10

    Close your eyes and travel to ancient Tokyo, steeped in wisdom and tradition. Gaiac is a very hard wood with a subtle aroma, and here it’s ensconced in a cloud of four kinds of musk for a memorable fragrance that will last through your journey.
  4. Le Labo Tabac 28 fragrance bottle

    Tabac 28

    You can probably guess what this one is. Smoky and seductive, opulent and not the least bit apologetic, Tabac 28 is Miami. Deeply aromatic tobacco absolute meets a cedarwood blend rounded with a touch of green cardamom.
  5. Le Labo discovery set box

    Discovery Set

    If you can’t make up your mind or you’d like to make a world tour, opt for the Discovery Set, where you can select five of the City Exclusive fragrances to take home with you. We like to call this one the Jet Set.


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