Designing Woman

By Cait Munro

Portrait of Ariel Okin by Allaire Bartel

Portrait of Ariel Okin by Allaire Bartel.

New York-based interior designer Ariel Okin, the woman responsible for the chic homes of celebrities like Lena Dunham and Sara Foster, has been busy. Over the last year, she launched her website, design and lifestyle destination Fenimore Lane, as well as a wallpaper collaboration with Chasing Paper and a furniture collection for Society Social. She’s also working on a lighting line that will drop this year, and somehow finds time to write for style tomes like Vogue and Architectural Digest. “I love to showcase the talents of fellow designers, and to share where they find their inspiration, their favorite books, etc.,” she says of the impetus for starting Fenimore Lane. Okin has spent winters in Palm Beach since childhood and shares that she’s currently working on an exciting hospitality project in the area—we’ll keep our eyes peeled for it!

A mood board from Ariel Okin x Chasing Paper

A mood board from Ariel Okin x Chasing Paper.

What’s your favorite design trend right now?
“I’m not so keen on trends, but I’m happy to see that people are appreciating the beauty of wicker. My house is filled with vintage wicker and rattan pieces from Circa Who in Palm Beach.”

What’s your go-to outfit for when you want to feel powerful?
“A white tee tucked into high-waisted cropped jeans and my favorite navy blazer, paired with my trusty Stan Smiths.”

What’s on your fashion wish list for spring?
“A Blazé Milano blazer. They’re gorgeously made and you can throw them on over anything.”

When you’re in Miami, where do you stay and what is your approach to dressing?
“The Four Seasons at the Surf Club is stunning, from the architecture to the interiors. Miami dressing for me means luxe breezy linens, chunky gold jewelry and a great tan.”

Designs from Okin’s collaboration with Society Social

Designs from Okin’s collaboration with Society Social.

Where do you go when you need inspiration?
“I have an extensive collection of interior design books, both new and vintage, that I reference whenever I need a jolt of inspiration for a project—they are one of the things I obsessively collect!”

Who should we be following on Instagram?
“I love my friend Annabelle Moehlmann’s account, @landofbelle, where she has a beautiful collection of curated housewares from all over the globe. I also love @picturesisawandloved and @noelpittmandesign for some great inspiration photos.”

A still from The Queen’s Gambit

A still from The Queen’s Gambit.

What have you watched recently that’s stuck with you?
“My husband and I have been binging a lot of TV lately, and we recently inhaled The Queen’s Gambit, which was both beautifully acted and beautifully designed (and sent me on a mid-century design kick)!”


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