15 questions for Pilar Guzmán

An interior view of the Nour el Nil Roman boat

Inside the Nour el Nil Roman boat

Portrait of Pilar Guzmán

Pilar Guzmán, photo by Paul Zimmerman

What is the hardest part of your job that nobody would guess?
Saying no to the dozens of pitches and meeting requests.

One personal object that’s always on your desk?
My Rhodia orange spiral notebook.

The most important part of team leadership?
Good systems/processes and communication. There is never a shortage of good ideas, only the workflows to get them done.

Most memorable trip during your tenure at CNT?
My trip along the Nile aboard the Nour el Nil from Luxor to Aswan with my family.

Image of the The Seven Rooms courtyard in Noto, Italy

The Seven Rooms courtyard in Noto, Italy

Favorite hotel stay?
Seven Rooms in Noto, Italy.

The best gift you received lately?
A coupon book of outings, meals, and time together created by my 16-year-old.

Advice you hold dear?
Always assume you have something to learn from every person you meet.

An app or online tool you’d recommend?
BeReal. My son who just started college asked me to download the app and I’m loving it.

Camels in Pilar Guzmán's bucket list location, Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan is top of Guzmán’s bucket list

The destination that ranks high on your must-visit list?
Petra. Cradle of civilization. It’s top of my bucket list.

An early career lesson you learned?
Don’t hold creative ideas back. If you give them away, they will surely replenish.

Advice on surviving a renovation?
Don’t skimp on hardware.

City you find most visually inspiring?

Image of the interior living room of Pilar Guzman’s home

The living room of Guzmán’s home

Something you collect?
Antique sterling napkin rings.

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing, you’d be…
Writing a novel.

Your personal style is best described as?
French schoolboy.


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