By Tali Minor

After this year’s major redesign of our website and newsletter, The BHS Roundup, we decided to take a look back and see what resonated with our readers the most. From the debut of new boutiques to the best of the BHS Edits, here’s what you loved the most. We promise to keep the content coming your way in 2022, until then have a Happy New Year!

  1. Portrait of Mckel Kooienga

    January 2021
    The Nutritionist You Need Right Now

    We checked in with Mckel Kooienga, founder of Nutrition Stripped, to get the scoop on her special brand of holistic nutrition.
  2. Woman holds a yoga pose on a dock

    February 2021
    The Great Outdoors

    We’ve rounded up a selection of hotels and hideaways for those who are craving a little space—and a lot of fresh air.
  3. Faith Haslem smiles for a photo

    March 2021
    I’m With Her

    If you’re in need of a little inspiration, look no further than these four formidable Miami women, each as fierce as they are fashionable.
  4. Portrait of actress Rachel Roberts

    April 2021
    Behind the Scenes

    Photographer Stewart Shining and actress Rachel Roberts chat about fashion, family and a decades-long friendship.
  5. Bal Harbour Shops center courtyard scattered with dining tables

    May 2021
    En Plein Air

    Kate Betts reflects fondly on her first time dining at Bal Harbour Shops, and gets caught up on what each of the restaurants have been serving up of late.
  6. Woman tends to her lemon tree

    June 2021
    Pushing Petals

    These three designers are redefining the concept of floral arrangements, creating boundary-pushing creations.
  7. An assortment of Maria Tash jewelry

    August 2021
    Maria Tash opens at Bal Harbour Shops

    Cult favorite Maria Tash brings her singular approach to luxury piercing to Bal Harbour Shops.
  8. Mina Stone dish

    September 2021
    The Secret Ingredient

    Chef Mina Stone and artist Dara Friedman hold a virtual chat at Books & Books.
  9. portrait of Lili Buffett

    October 2021
    Get the Look: Lili Buffett

    Miami native Lili Buffett returns home, armed with a focus on philanthropy and an enviable sense of style.
  10. Man skateboarding in Golden Goose sneakers

    November 2021
    Fowl Play

    How did Golden Goose’s “dirty” sneakers—pre-made scuffs, scrapes and all—become so damn popular?
  11. Interior shot of the Giuseppe Zanotti store at Bal Harbour Shops

    December 2021
    Giuseppe Zanotti’s Expanded Footprint

    The famed Italian footwear designer just expanded his brand’s presence at Bal Harbour, doubling the size of its boutique. We took a peek and rounded up our top picks from the new collection.


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Power lunching—but making it fashion—at Carpaccio.
We’re minimalists—in the sense that we can find everything we need at Ara Vartanian with their River Chain family of tanzanite. Find them here, at Ara Vartanian at Bal Harbour Shops, and wear them with everything from a white shirt to black tie.