Data from Shopify: {"id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/Product\/7953074585770","title":"2024 Millesime Bacchantes Vase","description":"In 1927, Ren\u00e9 Laliquein.\u2122s boundless imagination and creative genius lead to the creation of the Bacchantes vase. The iconic design features the young priestesses of Bacchus with their voluptuous beauty and curves. A work of unparallel beauty, the splendor and sensuality of the vase continue to leave admirers spellbound. Since its original release, it has been a staple in the Lalique collection and has become a lasting symbol of Laliquein.\u2122s celebrated style. One thousand numbered pieces. No more no less will be issued from the furnaces of the Lalique factory. For this \"2024 Vintage\", House Lalique anticipates a limited number of the iconic Bacchantes vase.","availableForSale":true,"vendor":"Lalique","tags":["crystal","handcrafed","Home Decor","SS24"],"publishedAt":"2024-04-05T11:19:33Z","images":{"edges":[{"node":{"src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/0530\/3815\/3898\/files\/1220000MIL24-bacchantes-vase-2.jpg?v=1712315964"}}]},"priceRange":{"maxVariantPrice":{"amount":"5600.0"},"minVariantPrice":{"amount":"5600.0"}},"options":[{"name":"Color","values":["Clear crystal"]},{"name":"Dimensions","values":["H 9.45\" x D 8.50\" (H 24 x D 21.6 cm)"]},{"name":"Weight","values":["13 lbs (7.9 kg)"]}],"totalInventory":19,"collections":{"edges":[{"node":{"title":"All Products","id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/Collection\/267342151850"}},{"node":{"title":"Smart Products Filter Index - Do not delete","id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/Collection\/267516149930"}},{"node":{"title":"Lalique","id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/Collection\/284779151530"}},{"node":{"title":"Home","id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/Collection\/284779315370"}},{"node":{"title":"Interior Inspirations","id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/Collection\/305636638890"}}]},"variants":{"edges":[{"node":{"id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/ProductVariant\/45757331046570","sku":"1220000MIL24","compareAtPriceV2":null,"priceV2":{"amount":"5600.0"}}}]}}

2024 Millesime Bacchantes Vase


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