Data from Shopify: {"id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/Product\/7871182274730","title":"Small vase Babylone","description":"This Porcelain vase is hand-made with a unique thinness and transparency, with a glazed interior and unglazed exterior for a matte and glossy effect. The patina of the generous braid contrasts with the purity of the porcelain. The unglazed part is stain safe. The base and vase can be separated for easy use and cleaning.","availableForSale":true,"vendor":"Christofle","tags":["Babylone","Home","Home Decor","home goods","tableware"],"publishedAt":"2023-09-27T18:04:39Z","images":{"edges":[{"node":{"src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/0530\/3815\/3898\/files\/B07903301_F.png?v=1695837773"}},{"node":{"src":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/0530\/3815\/3898\/files\/B07903301_FP.png?v=1695837773"}}]},"priceRange":{"maxVariantPrice":{"amount":"810.0"},"minVariantPrice":{"amount":"810.0"}},"options":[{"name":"color","values":["Silver and White"]},{"name":"Material","values":["silver plated \/ Porcelain"]}],"totalInventory":6,"collections":{"edges":[{"node":{"title":"All Products","id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/Collection\/267342151850"}},{"node":{"title":"Smart Products Filter Index - Do not delete","id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/Collection\/267516149930"}},{"node":{"title":"Home","id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/Collection\/284779315370"}},{"node":{"title":"Christofle","id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/Collection\/288696303786"}}]},"variants":{"edges":[{"node":{"id":"gid:\/\/shopify\/ProductVariant\/45107877347498","sku":"B07603301","compareAtPriceV2":null,"priceV2":{"amount":"810.0"}}}]}}

Small vase Babylone


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