We are pleased to inform you that Phase 2 of the Bal Harbour Shops expansion is complete with the new parking garage located on 96th Street which is now open. As part of our efforts to ensure a smooth transition and pleasant experience for our guests we would like to share some helpful details regarding the new garage.

Access to the main entrance of the new parking garage will be through 96th Street. If you are traveling to Bal Harbour Shops by heading North on Collins Ave. you will make a left on 96th Street and the entrance to the garage will be on your right. If you are traveling South on Collins Ave. you will drive past the Bal Harbour Shops Collins Ave. entrance and make a right onto 96th Street and the entrance to the garage will be on your right. If you are traveling to Bal Harbour Shops from the Kane Concourse (96th Street Causeway) you will see the entrance to the garage on your left where 96th Street and Byron Ave. meet. Should you enter through our north entry (9800 Collins Ave), you can turn left and circulate east around Neiman Marcus to our valet only lot stationed between Le Zoo and Carpaccio or continue south to the helix ramp which will take you to Purple parking level (Roof Parking), this level also connects to the 96th Street Garage parking, allowing customers to exit onto 96th Street.

An insider tip we’d like to share with you is that until the completion of the retail expansion and its upper parking decks, the most direct and convenient access to self-parking will be through the 96th Street entrance; self-parking access is available from Collins Avenue too, but we recommend using 96th Street. Additionally, we’re adding more valet stations, including inside the 96th Street Parking Garage, so if you prefer to valet, you’ll have more options.

A Few Important Notes:

  • Main entrance to the parking garage is located on 96th Street.
  • Valet is located on Level 2 (Green Level) across from the charging stations.
  • Car Wash located on Red Level with hours of operation Monday-Saturday from 9:30am-6:00pm and Sunday from 11:30am-6:00pm.
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles are located on Level 2 (Green Level).
  • Pay stations are conveniently located on Levels 2,4, and 6.
  • Mobile pay is available by scanning the QR codes located throughout Bal Harbour Shops.
  • Motorcycle and scooter parking is located on the west side of Level 4 (Orange Level).
  • Upon parking please take note of the Color coded signage indicating the level on which you have parked your vehicle. The Color Signage is prominently displayed in the elevators, the exits and entrances to the Shops.

Bal Harbour Shops’ parking fees:

  • Self Park
    • Customer Rate: $3 Per hour (For the first 6 Hours)
    • Public Rate: $10.00 per hour
  • Valet Parking
    • Main Ramp regular: $10.00
    • Main Ramp premium: $30.00
    • South Valet Stand (Saks): $10.00
    • North Valet Stand (Neiman): $10.00
    • 96th Street Garage Valet (Green Level): $10.00

Traffic attendants will be on-site to assist with the new traffic patterns and ensure you have a seamless experience using the new parking garage. We look forward to welcoming you to the Shops and hope that you enjoy our new and improved guest parking experience.


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