Makoto Match Up

By Tali Jaffe Minor

Portrait of Makoto’s Omakase

Makoto’s sashimi omakase.

Some of us like to explore all our options; others like to be advised by a seasoned expert. I fall in the latter camp. If you’re like me, you’re going to love what’s coming your way… Makoto’s Beverage Manager Ewa Ferguson shares five perfect pairings—from which Pinot (La Tache, natch) you’ll want to sip with Japan’s finest Wagyu to which cocktail best accentuates the all-time favorite spicy tuna crispy rice.

Portrait of Makoto’s Koji Chicken

Makoto’s Koji chicken with shiitake xo and sancho salt.

Pascal Cotat is the most iconic and highly desirable vineyard in Sancerre, if not the entire Loire Valley. Les Monts Damnes is a bright, rich, full-flavored old-style Sancerre, lifted by aromas of grapefruit, stone fruit, and fresh pear. Mouthwatering acidity and fuller body wine pairs perfectly with richer dishes like yaki noodles and Koji chicken. This mind blowing, lavish Sancerre complements savory, flavorful and rich in texture yaki noodles. It’s a must-try.

Portrait of Makoto’s sushi and sashimi sampler

Makoto’s sushi and sashimi sampler.

I have been a big fan of the Moreau-Naudet Chablis, particularly how this village’s Chablis outperforms many other producers in the same category. It is absolutely delicious and demonstrates great regional characteristics such as minerality, bright fruit, and classic Chablis flavors of yellow apple, lemon zest and has a distinctive texture. Moreau-Naudet pairs wonderfully with our sushi or sashimi. Its high acidity balances the fat in the fish and the minerality balances the salty soy sauce. Chablis with sushi is almost always a good choice.

Portrait of Makoto’s whole branzino

Makoto’s whole branzino with wasabi chimichurri and shiso.

Saru, our version of a saketini is one of the cocktails I recommend with our branzino, which is seasoned with shiso, lemon and chimichurri. The flavors perfectly match the citrus aromas of the shiso-lemongrass shrub and honeydew purée that you’ll find in this light, velvety and slightly acidic “saketini.” I would not recommend Saru with our steak or richer dishes since they will overpower the drink. We want to make sure you enjoy both equally!

Portrait of Makoto’s Tora Martini

Makoto’s Tora Martini made with Ketel One cucumber and mint botanical vodka, St. Germain, fresh cucumber and mint, and yuzu smoke.

The Tora cucumber-mint martini is a perfect cocktail to pair with our avocado robata. This refreshing, cooling and fresh martini topped with tropical notes of elderflower liqueur complements the dish’s spicy notes of chili oil and togarashi. The silky texture of the Tora cocktail mirrors the creamy, rich avocado dish. It’s also a perfect drink for slightly spicy food, like shishito peppers or the spicy tuna crispy rice.

Portrait of Makoto’s A5 Wagyu Strip Steak

Makoto’s A5 Wagyu strip steak from Miyazaki, Japan.

La Tache, the monopole vineyard of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, is considered a true Burgundy masterpiece.  It is classified as a Grand Cru vineyard, and it produces elegant, velvety Pinot Noir wine. An aromatic fruit bouquet of blackberry, red fruit, and wild strawberry is followed by cigar hints and earthy undertones that pairs well with the highly marbled, buttery, rich A5 Wagyu strip. A5 Grade Wagyu is the rarest of all Japanese Wagyu varieties and offers a distinctive tenderness and velvety texture with a sweet umami taste that will linger on your palate. There is no better way to enjoy the world’s greatest wine than pairing it with the superior quality and exquisite flavors of an A5 Wagyu strip.


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