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Orlebar Brown’s Summer State of Mind at Bal Harbour Shops

Orlebar Brown's newly opened Bal Harbour boutique.

Orlebar Brown’s newly opened Bal Harbour boutique.

Located on the second floor, this beach-inspired boutique carries pieces for men and children, currently from the Cruise 2018 collections. Established in 2007, founder, Adam Brown, a photographer, created the company when he couldn’t find men’s swim trunks that were stylish enough to be worn beyond the lounge chair. His goal was to bring “London tailoring” to swimwear.

Orlebar Brown Founder Adam Brown.

Orlebar Brown Founder Adam Brown.

Here, Brown shares some personal thoughts as well as some behind-the-scenes information on the brand.

1. Where did the concept of Orlebar Brown come from?

It was one of those lightbulb moments when something small happened on holiday and I had time to overthink it. I was working as a portrait photographer, which wasn’t really going anywhere so was on the lookout for something new to do. While on holiday in Rajasthan, I got turned away from a hotel restaurant for lunch that made me think that what I really needed was a pair of shorts that were smart enough to wear with a shirt, but I could also swim in.

Inside the newly opened Orlebar Brown Bal Harbour boutique.

Inside the newly opened Orlebar Brown Bal Harbour boutique.

2. What are the most beautiful beaches you have been to?

There are so many beautiful beaches that it’s hard to choose, but one of the most special to me is a beach in the UK—Booby’s Bay on Trevose Head in Cornwall. I can remember every phase of my life through it. Every walk, rock and part of a beach has memories for me. Family holidays, friends staying, relationships beginning and ending, cars crashed, dogs walked, dogs lost, sunburn or windburn, rows had, sweaty sandwiches, barbecues, picnics and evening drinks, morning swims, evening drunken skinny dips, ashes spread. I have drawn it, photographed it, received exam results on it, formulated and written plans on it. It is just crammed full of memories that are totally unique to me.

James Bond 007 Orlebar Brown Exclusive Swim Shorts.

James Bond 007 Orlebar Brown Exclusive Swim Shorts.

3. Tell us what we can expect from the new Orlebar Brown boutique at Bal Harbour Shops, the look and product?

Our store at Bal Harbour Shops covers over 575 sq ft, with a signature lifeguard station till point and new blue and white geometric tiled flooring inspired by Italian architect Gio Ponti. As our store fits always have a beach hut theme, Miami Beach is the perfect setting for creating a seamless shopping experience where you still feel summer even when you step inside.

4. Why James Bond for the new exclusive editions? How did the brand draw inspiration/ designs from this iconic series?

On the very first moodboard for Orlebar Brown, I remember pinning a picture of Sean Connery wearing pale blue shorts from the James Bond film, Thunderball (1965). The tailored construction and elegant shade represented the epitome of Riviera style, which became the foundation for Orlebar Brown’s tailored swimwear and subsequent full resort wear offering. James Bond also shares our qualities of British heritage, refined male style and a sense of adventure so the partnership with EON Productions (who produced the Bond films) was a no-brainer.

Looks from the Cruise 2018 Ad Campaign.

Looks from the Cruise 2018 Ad Campaign.

5. What’s next for men’s swimwear at Orlebar Brown?

With 6 stores now open in the USA, we’re looking forward to increasing our footprint there by exploring further opportunities. The Bond collection has been a great success and increased our exposure to more potential Orlebar Brown customers, so there’ll be a second instalment launching in summer 2019 —stay tuned.

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