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De Beers Jewellers Diamond Legend Pendant Necklace

One-of-a-kind De Beers Jewellers Diamond Legend Pendant Necklace available at the new Bal Harbour boutique

Known for the most exquisite diamonds in the world, De Beers Jewellers opens their doors at Bal Harbour Shops. We asked, Andrew Coxon, Executive Vice President and the man responsible for sourcing of all the diamonds, a few personal questions about his inspiration and an in-depth look at the brand.

Profile image of Executive Vice President of De Beers Jewellers Andrew Coxon

Andrew Coxon, Executive Vice President of De Beers Jewellers

What was your inspiration into becoming so deeply involved in the jewellery world?
When I was very young, my family was posted to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and we lived in a beautiful apartment on Copacabana Beach for a few years. My mother loved jewellery and my father always gave me instructions to follow her into our friendly jewellery shop downstairs to stop her from buying anything. So whenever she was invited to view a new collection I went along, but eventually, I of course also fell in love with gemstones and on days when there was no surfing, I spent hours in the shop looking and learning as much as I could.

Fascinated by the transformation process from rough stone to beautiful polished gemstone, I discovered a lifelong passion which led me naturally to De Beers London.  When I turned 18 years old, De Beers offered me the chance to become a trainee diamond buyer for them and discover diamonds from all over the world. Of course, my parents differed on their opinion of career choice but you can hazard a guess as to which one I went with!

Inside the newly opened De Beers Jewellers Bal Harbour on Level 2 of the Shops

Inside the newly opened De Beers Jewellers Bal Harbour

Can you describe the selection process behind De Beers True Brilliant and why it is so important in establishing “The De Beers Difference”? And speaking of “The De Beers Difference”, can you explain what makes your diamonds so unique?
All diamond experts especially those at De Beers, all understand that the best diamonds in the world, in any colour or quality, degree of rarity, is simply the one that sparkles the most.  This does mean however that they are also the hardest to find and less commercial to sell because they have sacrificed the most weight due to being cut for maximum beauty as opposed to weight.

De Beers Diamond Legend Ring

One-of-a-kind De Beers Diamond Legend Ring available at the new Bal Harbour boutique

Only De Beers can demonstrate how a diamond can sparkle above and beyond the 4Cs (colour, carat weight, clarity and excellent cut grade).  This is thanks to the Iris machine which lives in every De Beers Jewellers store.  The Iris can show to the naked eye that two diamonds, with exactly the same 4Cs, can look very different both in terms of beauty as well as value.

On the Iris you will see that all 57 facets of our De Beers True Brilliant are so well aligned that the sparkling light bursts out of the top of the diamond rather than from the sides.  Each one has been cut for maximum beauty so that the Fire, Life and Brilliance of each diamond excites your eyes and causes a personal reaction.  That is a De Beers True Brilliant.

One-of-a-kind De Beers Diamond Legend Ring available at the new Bal Harbour boutique

Enchanted Lotus Collection exclusively available at the newly opened De Beers Jewellers Bal Harbour

In your opinion, what is the singularly most iconic design as well as specific collection of De Beers Jewellers?
Within the recent ‘Diamond Legends’ High Jewellery collection from 2018 belongs the inspirational Ra set.  Inspired by sun god, Ra, this sets draws inspiration from the Egyptian sun hieroglyph and the ankh motif, both recreated in an array of pear-shaped yellow diamonds and yellow diamond pave forms radiating sun-like energy. A perfect fit to sparkle in the Miami sunshine.

de beers soothing lotus necklace

If you had to describe the De Beers brand in just a few short words, how would you do so and what would be the reasoning behind your explanation?
Timeless beauty. Above and beyond the 4Cs.  Beautiful designs.

I set the standard for every diamond that is selected for De Beers Jewellers and as De Beers has been the Home of Diamonds since 1888, it will no doubt continue to sparkle the best.

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