The Isabel Marant boutique is now open at Bal Harbour Shops.

By Mackenzie Wagoner

Portrait of Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant photographed by Alasdair Mclellan.

Isabel Marant has always had her eye on the future. Though her self-titled line was only launched in 1995, it was developed for the long game, building into each season the kind of always-on icons that elicit joy—and telegraph effortless cool—with every decade they’re worn.

If generations have been drawn to Dior for its New Look silhouette and to Chanel for its tweed suits, Marant’s timeless magnetism is found in louche hemlines with slouchy boots, oversized jackets, punchy printed pants and those unmistakable wedge sneakers. Now, Marant has brought her foresight to Bal Harbour Shops.

“Miami brings me joy and light!,” says the designer, citing the city’s indelible mix of color, architecture, people and culture as a touchpoint for many of her past collections. (Though, she coyly reveals, her forthcoming spring collection may have some more obvious ties: “It has some Miami vibes!”). Marant devotees will find the designer’s leitmotifs embedded within the architecture like Easter eggs. Here, a wall is carved in the geometric shape of her trademark 90-degree earrings. The ceiling’s cut-outs echo her dress patterns. “I like to play with the space as I would play with my own collections,” she muses.

Interior image of Isabel Marant at Bal Harbour Shops

Looks from the Fall 2021 collection, which reimagine 80s tropes for a distant decade.

And on its racks hang Marant’s future-forward Fall/Winter collection, which reimagines 80s tropes for a distant decade. Exaggerated shoulders and puff sleeves embolden prairie florals, a fire engine red leather dress that cinches and elongates the waist will be as head turning today as it will in a century. Each piece feels both familiar, yet with a sense of possibility—Marant’s precise prescription for the future.

The boutique also carries a selection of the more casual Isabel Marant Etoile collection, and her line of handbags and shoes as well as the man collection.

Ahead of the store opening, we checked in with Marant for the Fall issue of Bal Harbour Magazine. Here, an excerpt from the interview with the designer:

What does your dream future look like?
We have reached a time when we need to rethink our lifestyles and consumer behaviors. The planet is screaming at us. Our future has to be reinvented! I love what I do. I’ve always loved it—but for sure I will not end my life in my company. I’ve been training my long-time team members, so that when the time comes, I will go and work on environmental endeavors, making sure that our earth is in a better state.

What will you be wearing in this future?
Past, present or future, I often wear the same outfit, like a uniform: grey jeans, a sweatshirt and a man’s jacket that’s a bit too big! When you work with clothes all the time, you need to feel a bit like a blank page.

What are the fashion items (or trends) that you wouldn’t mind leaving in the past forever?
I’m thinking of my wedge sneakers, when launched 10 years ago, after all the fame they had—and all the copies—I got disgusted by them. But, now I’ve relaunched a new version of them that are even chunkier! Our minds evolve with time. I have always designed clothes that are made to be worn and worn again, even if you leave it in your closet for a decade. It makes me happy to see women wearing my designs from 10 years ago.


Photos courtesy of Isabel Marant.


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