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Alexandre Birman Steps Into Bal Harbour Shops

Inside the newly opened Alexandre Birman Bal Harbour boutique.

Inspired by Brazilian mid-century design, which can be seen by the architectural chandeliers and ridge design along the walls, the boutique will feature the latest Alexandre Birman collections including iconic styles such as the Clarita and Lolita and new silhouettes such as the Vicky Sandal and the Clarita Sneakers. Additionally, clients will be able to customize their shoes via an in-store Made-to-Order service application. Mr. Birman indulges us in the brand’s history and the exciting things to come at Bal Harbour Shops.

Alexandre Birman celebrating the opening of his new Bal Harbour boutique.

What inspired you to get into the world of shoe-making?
I grew up in the shoe business, I was literally born and raised in a shoe factory. My friends used to joke that my crib was a shoe box! As a child I saw my father run the shoe factories in Brazil and from that point on this has been in my DNA.

Model Martha Graeff wearing the iconic Claritas in the Clarita wall at the Alexandre Birman Bal Harbour store.

Launched in Spring 2008, the Alexandre Birman brand is tailor-made to fit the modern sophisticated woman with trademark exclusive designs made from the most exotic materials. Celebrities and fashion icons such as Reese Witherspoon, Lupita N’yongo, Rita Ora and Meryl Streep are among a few of the many iconic women wearing one of Birman’s signature shoes.

Tell us what we can expect from the new Alexandre Birman boutique at Bal Harbour Shops, the look and product?
Our newest boutique at the Bal Harbour Shops will embody the brand’s aesthetic and replicate a similar design to our flagships in Brazil and New York City. Our selection of product will carry a South Florida flare and resonate with the fashionable women of the Miami area.

Inside the newly opened Alexandre Birman Bal Harbour boutique inspired by Brazilian mid-century design, which can be seen by the architectural chandeliers and ridge design along the walls.

With signature styles such as the Clarita and the Lolita, the Birman brand has proven to be a strong presence in the luxury shoe market, with accolades ranging from “Top 10 Designers to Watch” in 2012 by Footwear News and “Designer of the Year” in 2017 from the Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFANY).

Any new limited editions and or special collections in the near future? Will they be available at the Bal Harbour boutique?
As a brand we are exploring new silhouettes for the first time like sneakers and loafers and we will focus a lot on neon colors. Exciting things are happening from a design perspective and Bal Harbour should definitely stay tuned!

Alexandre Birman and the new Bal Harbour boutique team.

With the success of our New York Boutique on Madison Avenue, I am happy to open our next installment at the beautiful and prestigious Bal Harbour. It is a great way to continue celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the brand.

What’s next for the women’s shoe at Alexandre Birman?
Women’s needs are constantly changing so it is our job to keep up with those demands while encouraging overall confidence and functionality. We will continue to support our core and most popular styles while expanding on trends, techniques and overall craftsmanship.

Photos by World Red Eye


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