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Event Pictures

Wine, Women and Shoes Event at Red Market Salon & Le Zoo

Asha Elias, Christina Getty, Siri Willoch Traasdahl and Nicole Sayfie Porcelli
Veronica Espinel, Victoria Taylor and Angie Landaburu
Ami Patel, Christina Getty and Siri Willoch Traasdahl
Asha Elias and Katy Stoka
Daniella Gonzalez and Samantha Casanova
Asha Elisas and Friend
Siri Willoch Traasdahl, Nicole Sayfie Porcelli, Christina Getty and Asha Elias
Rogelio Gonzalez and Veronica Espinel
Susanne Birbragher and Siri Willoch Traasdahl
Veronica Espinel and Arina Feeney
Jean Marc Durante and Veronica Espinel
Katy Stoka and Lauren Beall
Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard and Nicole Sayfie Porcelli