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Event Pictures

Roger Vivier & Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Cocktail Event

Lydia Touzet, Daysi Johansson, Susannah Shubin and Lilly Ann Sanchez
Lesli Brown, Bronwyn Miller and Swanee DiMare
Catherine Anne Markert and Sara Colombo
Meredith Ortega and Darcy Towsley
Cal Campos and Ela Pruszynska
Bronwyn Miller and Swanee DiMare
Darcy Towsley and Catherine Anne Markert
Barbara Hevia and Lydia Touzet
Audie Moran
Cristina Ben-Shmuel and Meredith Ortega
Carmen Casadella and Swanee DiMare
Enrica Fasciano, Daniela Bonetti and Caroline Draft
Catherine Anne Markert, Swanee DiMare, Yolanda Berkowitz and Sara Colombo
Cheryl Milana, Pearl Baker-Katz and Nicole Lozano
Jamie Mark, Guy Chetwynd and Melissa Katz
Lydia Touzet and Linda Levy Goldberg
Pilar Larraz and Paola Vergara
Mandy Alvarez and Aria Nero-Seder
Migna Sanchez-llorens and Raphael Bastian
Monica Madotto and Daniela Bonetti
Yolanda Berkowitz and Linda Levy Goldberg