Bal Harbour Shops & GRAFF along with Tracey Ellison of @TheDiamondsGirl hosted More is More– a dazzling showcase of one-of-a-kind diamonds

Graff diamond necklace in a display case
Graff diamond necklace in a display case with earrings, ring and bracelet
Yellow diamond ring
Woman photographed greeting another guest
Champagne photographed on serving tray
Diamond watch
Diamond necklace on display
Diamond necklace
Berry parfait from Le Zoo
Model poses wearing Graff diamond necklace, earrings, watch and ring
Chocolate mousse from Le Zoo
Carolyn Travis, Shana Kaufman, Ashley Knott and Gotmar Giron pose for a photo
Woman tries on jewelry as two other women stand beside her
Nikki Markofski tries on Graff necklace
Svetlana Lanovski and Tracy Ellison pose for a photo
Tracy Ellison shows another woman a jewelry piece


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