• TODAY’S HOURS: 11 AM - 10 PM

Bal Harbour Magazine & Valentino Luncheon hosted by Sarah Harrelson and artist, Reyna Noriega to celebrate the Fall/Winter 2021 Issue of Bal Harbour Magazine

Sarah Herrelson & Reyna Noriega pose for a photo
Ashley Knott and Gotmar Giron pose for a photo
Brianna Lipovsky, Priya Panjabi and Andrea Noboa pose for a photo
Claudia Vergara and Shana Kaufman pose for a photo
A white table set up with red roses and red valentine bags
A dining placement with a handwritten name card and a red Valentino shopping bag
Front cover of the Bal Harbour Fall Winer Magazine
A table of woman hold up wine glasses for a toast
Table of woman photographed talking amongst each other
Erin Newberg opens her gift from Valentino
Gabriela Smith and Angeles Alumna smile for a photo
Gabriela Smith, Tingting Zhao and Soledad Lowe smile for a photo
Jennifer Ceballos & Paola Alberdi pose for a photo
Lisa Cortes and Ines Rivero smile for a photo
Paola Alberdi & Sarah Harrelson smile for a photo
Paola Alberdi poses for a photo
Sandra Noriega & Reyna Noriega pose for a photo
Sarah Harrelson speaking at the table
Shana Kaufman, Carolina Lindo and Tina Stuck pose for a photo
Silvia cubina, Maky Hinson & Judy Cejas smile for a photo
Soledad Lowe & Carolyn Travis pose for a photo
Stephnie Sayfie Aagard and Priya Panjabi pose for a photo
Vita Sidorkina-Morabito poses for a photo


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