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By Maria Vogel

Styled image of tan décor pillows placed next to a velvet brown chair with a tan knit throw blanket

Frette Blow throw blanket and Luxury Passepartout decorative cushions.

In the evermore crowded linens space, there’s one name that’s remained virtually unrivaled: Frette. And in these times where a heightened consciousness champions quality over quantity as a means to invest in yourself, Frette—which recently opened a new boutique at Bal Harbour Shops—fits right in. Why shouldn’t luxury bed linens be considered a form of self-care? Indeed, CEO Filippo Arnaboldi would agree. “Frette is not just offering a product; we’re offering an experience.”

That experience began 160 years ago and has since been vetted by royals (the brand was named the “Official Purveyor” to the Italian Royal House in 1881), venerated hotels (everyone from Chateau Marmont to The St. Regis) and, more recently, a younger generation of clients who perhaps recalled their first “check the label” experience on a family holiday. Now, as they’re choosing their own linens, the tactile experience of being cocooned in sumptuous, high thread count sheets is one that cannot be overvalued. “Whether it’s for a five- star hotel, a private flat, yacht or plane, we act as a sort of tailor,” says Arnaboldi. “We don’t change the recipe; the quality remains the same.”

Image showcasing Frette bed linens and pillows in neutral tones

Frette Grace sheet set, Simple warm comforter, Luxury Passepartout decorative cushions and Pure Cashmere throw.

At their new Bal Harbour Shops boutique, the first to open in the US in a decade, you can find Frette’s signature lines, such as the Ultimate—their coziest 1,000-thread-count silk linens—and the Embellished Sateen, preferred by those interested in finishing touches such as lace or embroidery. The store also has an exclusive capsule collection inspired by the vibrancy of Bal Harbour, calling on bright pink, lush green and graphic black elements. There’s also a signature tote bag, perfect for hauling your new beach towels from the Bal Harbour capsule. “The opening of Bal Harbour is a very important milestone for the company,” says Arnaboldi, who still can recall his first visit to the Shops more than 20 years ago. “The experience you can have in a store will never happen online, so I’m extremely happy and excited about our latest venture.”

Portrait of white belted robe with pink trim

Unito shawl collar bathrobe with pink trim. Exclusive to Bal Harbour Shops.

Portrait of White linens and pillows with pink trim

Sheet set with pink trim. Exclusive to Bal Harbour Shops.

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