French heritage house Christofle needs no introduction. Since 1830, the Maison has maintained a reputation for greatness and understated luxury understood by the most discerning of clients. From the outset, Christofle turned to the most esteemed artists and designers of their day, from Man Ray to Gio Ponti, Andree Putman and most recently, French jewelry designer Mademoiselle Aurélie Bidermann, whose Babylone collection is explored here.

  1. White and silver small Christofle Babylon vase
    Mademoiselle Aurélie Bidermann turned to one of her favorite motifs, the braid, for Babylone. Here, ceramic and silver come together to elegant effect.
  2. Christofle silver centerpiece bowl
    Aptly called the Centerpiece bowl, this dramatic, low-profile bowl is the perfect piece to gather around. The patinaed braid adds even more depth and detail.
  3. Christofle silver large bowl
    This large silver bowl serves many a purpose: aperitif or sweets bowl, a decorative object or a trinket tray.
  4. Christofle silver napkin ring
    This jewelry for your napkins elevates any meal. Don’t save it for a “special occasion,” instead, make any meal a moment to celebrate.
  5. Christofle silver candleholder and white candlestick
    Speaking of celebrations, add this piece to your table to spark a little more joy. The silver-plated candlestick from the Babylone Collection is sold with an odorless candlestick for 8 hours of use.
  6. Christofle white textured wax candle
    Lighting a candle adds a little ceremony to any situation. Not to worry about melting away the signature Babylone braid pattern: this candle burns inward—and for 75 hours.
  7. Christofle silver textured cuff bracelet
    Without a doubt, this sterling silver Babylone braid cuff is the focal point of the collection. It’ll capture your heart—and the gaze of all those who see you wearing it.


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