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A New Path

Karla Martinez de Salas, newly appointed editor of Vogue Mexico and Latin America, gives us a peek behind the pages.


“Through our images, I want to show the world the beautiful landscapes and diversity we have in Mexico and Latin America,” says Karla Martinez de Salas, who recently became Vogue Mexico and Latin America’s editor-in-chief after 20 years working for W, Interview, The New York Times and American Vogue. “I want people to be so inspired that they purchase a ticket and come visit.


Karla Martinez de Salas walking down a street in Mexico.


“The move from New York to Mexico has presented different challenges,” she continues. “I was a full-time editor but became freelance when my twin daughters were born—you can imagine what that was like. I now divide my time between work, motherhood and feeding my curiosity—which is endless—by discovering new places and going to museums with my husband and daughters, Constanza and Ines. I am always thinking about what to do next. People who don’t work think it’s harder going into an office, but being a full-time mother is very difficult, as well. I am more aware now, and I try to be present in whatever I am doing at the moment.”


An interior look of Karla Martinez de Salas’ home.


“I recently went to Bosco Sodi’s artist residence, Casa Wabi, built by Tadao Ando in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. It’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I love the desert, especially by the sea. My other favorite place is Marfa; I grew up in El Paso, Texas, so I love dry heat and arid climates.”


An exterior look of Bosco Sodi’s Casa Wabi.


“On my must list this Fall: floral dresses from Balenciaga, a Miu Miu denim jacket and Saint Laurent’s printed bohemian dress from Pre-Fall.”

“My dream cover model would be a group shot with Amber Valletta, Shalom Harlow and Kate Moss.”



“Some of my favorite photographers are Steven Klein, Mikael Jansson, Alex Prager and Jason Kibbler.”

“My preferred social media is Instagram. Here I am at a friend’s wedding in Corvara in Northern Italy.”

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