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Gucci’s Golden Girl

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Kate Moss behind the scenes in her short film for Gucci.

There are certain figures whose popularity reaches so far, and so wide that they become known by one name alone. Kate is one of them. Ms. Moss appeared on the fashion scene in the early 90s, counter to the wave of supermodels who ruled the glossies, parties and runways. But the waif Brit made waves—tidal waves—and the waters haven’t settled since.

While Ms. Moss has appeared in countless roles, embodying the vision of each creative director, photographer or editor who has commissioned her, there’s always a bit of Kate that peeks out through these characters. And in her latest appearance for Gucci, it’s all Kate with just a subtle nod to one of the first Paparazzi-prized gets: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Debuting today, Gucci presents a short film starring Kate Moss, who’s seen ducking the flashbulbs clad in the best looks from the Fall collection. Shot in Rome, the film sees the iconic model in a game of pursuit. The chase recalls the original muse of the paparazzi, Jackie O, who was often spotted on the go with her favorite Gucci bag.

“I have always admired Kate—she is an icon of today,” says Creative Director Frida Giannini. “A trendsetter, an independent woman and absolutely contemporary. She embodies my Fall/Winter Collection as a sophisticated woman who dresses to please herself rather than others.”

Seen through the lens of her follower, Kate Moss—on the arms of travel companion Clement Chabernaud—has all the Gucci essentials for her jet-set escape. Never caught off guard, she uses her Jackie Soft handbag as a shield from the photographer’s flash.

kate moss gucci fall 2014 leopard coat

The bag is a new take on the House symbol characterized by its piston closure. Gucci’s iconic Jackie Bag was reintroduced by Giannini in 2009. It famously takes its name from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, for whom it was a preferred accessory.


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