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Green Queen

Tata Harper shares her skincare secrets and a preview of her new products.

Since founding her namesake skincare line a few years ago, Tata Harper has become the go-to beauty brand for every stylish and health conscious It Girl. From her farm in Vermont, Tata gave us the scoop on a few of her new products, and shared some of her recent travel adventures and skincare tips for every season.

Tell us about your farm in Vermont.

We bought the farm about 10 years ago—actually, when we were living in Miami. We used to just come up here on the weekends, but about five years ago we made it our full-time home. 

And what’s your favorite part of living there?

I think that it’s waking up on the farm. It’s so calm and honestly, with all of the travel I do, to come home to a place that allows me to really be with my family without many distractions is very nice. When you live in the city you get very distracted with friends and social agendas. When I'm here, I’m really here and enjoying my family and my work. Besides that, it's gorgeous and beautiful and I have amazing scenery out of my bedroom window. I love everything about it.

The Tata Harper Collection.

What were some of your favorite places in Miami?

I used to go to Bal Harbour Shops alllllllll of the time. Yes, I have a lot of friends that live in Aventura, so Carpaccio was kind of like our meeting point. Now, every time I visit Miami, I always go to Carpaccio.

What is the most exotic place you’ve ever been to?

You know what, the most exotic place I’ve been to is this place in Brazil called El Pantanal. It’s like the swamp. It’s basically in the center of Brazil, in the heart of it and it’s very open but it’s wild: I saw Jaguars and all sorts of rare beast all over, tons of snakes and the river was full of piranhas.

How scary!

Yes! That was probably the wildest most exotic place I’ve been too.

Do you have any spring trips planned?

Yes, Costa Rica. That’s the next place I want to go. I’ve never been and it’s so close and so gorgeous. I’m going there in April and I’m super excited.

With the change of season coming, how do you prepare your skin?

One of the most significant things is the humidity level in your skin because during the winter it’s very dry generally so the skin needs more hydration. So, for me in the winter, I apply moisturizer twice a day and then on top of that I put a vitamin compress. When the summer starts, a moisturizing serum would be plenty for the whole day. 

Other than that, the other thing that I do is like quarterly tea saunas, like facial saunas to purge the skin. There is a blend that I make of different herbs and I put water to boil on the stove and then I put the water in a bowl, then I put the herbs inside and then that vapor infused with all those medicines from that combination of herbs really cleans your skin. I do that with every change in season.

So what is your favorite home remedy for tired under eyes?

For the tired under eye if you have jet lag or it’s really serious, the classic cucumber under the eye really works. 

Oh that really works?!

Always! You put the cucumber in the refrigerator and the cool cumber, because it has so much silica, it helps with the swelling. It won’t help with the wrinkles, it won’t help with anything else but it helps with the swelling.

The Boosted Contouring Serum is one of Tata's new products being released in May.

What new developments are happening with the line?

In May we are launching three new serums. It’s our new collection and it’s called the Supernatural Collection. It’s really the world’s most advanced natural anti-aging serums.

The first serum coming out in May is called the Boosted Contouring Serum, which basically lifts and firms your skin. It tackles every single layer of the skin to really give you short term and long term results because the products that are more in the last layer of the skin are more cosmetic. With this serum you start going deeper into the layers and then you are doing more of a fundamental cumulative change.

In August, the second serum is a brightening serum for hyper-pigmentation. So that one has a cocktail of actives that really targets every single stage of the hyper-pigmentation process. The serum reduces melanin content in your skin and it also stops the actual creation of melanin because we have ingredients that really absorb all the UV lights and doesn’t allow it to transfer into the dendrites where the melanin is created.

The last serum in the collection comes out in October is to replace all of the injectable treatments people are getting these days. It helps to volumize the skin by thickening the fat pad in our hypodermis, which is the deepest layer that houses all the fat cells.  We are basically making them fatter so that you can restore that cushion back into the skin because as we age, that fat pad that we have in our face starts decreasing. This is probably the only place you want this to happen in your whole body. It relaxes expression lines and winkles, it’s unbelievable. We've been working on these products for years.

The Rejuvenating Serum is the brand's top selling product.

What is the most popular product in the current line?

Our rejuvenating serum. It’s the most active with 29 active ingredients. It’s basically a product that treats collagen by repairing collagen and stimulating new collagen growth. It also has one of the muscle relaxing ingredients, not as strong as the serum coming out in October but this one also has it.  In two hours it relaxes muscle contractions by 95 percent.

How do you care for your skin as far as what goes into your body? Do you juice or do anything special?

I do things that I grew up doing. My mom always taught us how to eat very healthily. We always had fresh juice in the house. We had juice with breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve been juicing my whole life!

And definitely as I get older I've started to add to my diet with a lot of supplements that are amazing for the skin like a lot of fish oils—especially omega—that is the one that is particularly good for the skin. I also take turmeric tablets, which is an incredible antioxidant for your organs. I take that every day. I take probiotics that always helps with aging.

Tata Harper is available at Gee Beauty.

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