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Dynamic Duo

Jill Martin and Dana Ravich come to Books & Books.

Emmy Award-winning television personality Jill Martin and stylist Dana Ravich are back with a new book that takes their lessons in closet revamping a step further with “The Weekend Makeover: Get a Brand New Life by Monday Morning.” Martin and Ravich will be appearing at Books & Books on Monday, April 1 for a book signing and reading. These two style powerhouses decided to make a few stops at Bal Harbour Shops to prepare for their appearance, and check out a few must-haves for Spring. Read more about their style and life-changing tips in our exclusive interview below.

Jill Martin and Dana Ravich.

You're in town to promote your new book, "The Weekend Makeover." Tell us about how you came up with the concept of changing your life in 48 hours.
We are all about changing your life for the better. So, when we sat down to brainstorm, the question we came up with was “what do people need help with the most when trying to make a change?” The answer really is finding the time to start. We broke it down in a way that makes it manageable and realistic—doing it over the course of a weekend. Attempting to start on a Monday (“Oh I’ll just start my diet on Monday,” as the saying goes!) doesn’t really give anyone the chance for success, but taking a weekend to slow down, enact the change, get in the groove, and make a solid plan to incorporate your new routine into your hectic life is totally doable. Now, by Monday, the change is already made and all you have to do is stay with it!

Did you each try out the Weekend Makeover?
We are both constantly doing makeovers—on ourselves, our closets, our apartments, on other people, so we definitely practice what we preach! Of course, there are always areas we can all improve on… We actually did the clutter makeover and the beauty makeover on two women for the Today show and they were thrilled with the results!

Chanel's stingray Boy bag is a must for Spring's white on white trend.

The idea of "me time" seems so basic, yet it's something we all deprive ourselves of. Why do you think that is?
It seems this is more of an issue with people with children, but truly we all get caught up with work and just generally taking care of everyone else in our lives before ourselves – whether it’s your kids, boss, co-workers, friends, family, etc. It ends up seeming indulgent to take “me time” when it really is more of a necessity than a luxury.

What are a few quick fixes we can do to give ourselves some "me time?"
Um, shut off your cell phone. Ask for help. If you need some time, don’t be afraid to ask your husband/partner to take care of the kids for a bit. Get organized— try to do all of your errands during the week after work or on your lunch hour so you can really devote the weekend to YOU.

Nude Sergio Rossi pumps are a Spring staple.

What's your advice to maintain the makeover?
At the end of every chapter we instruct you as to how to incorporate the changes into your everyday life. It’s really all about planning and scheduling. Once the activity/class/workout/date is on the books in your calendar, you’ve made the commitment and the time, so now all you have to do is show up. Having had the opportunity to get truly involved and vested in your makeover over the course of the weekend really gives you the jump-start and the positive reinforcement you need to stick with it.

This is your third book and collaboration together. What do you think makes you two such a great team?
We both can’t stand clutter! Seriously though, we understand each other, have the same outlook, and agree on the important things.

Alexis Bittar earrings can take a beachy look from day to night.

Let's talk about the fashionable part of the makeover. Where should we begin to make change in our closets?
The very first step is always to clean out. We recommend going through and trying on every item in your wardrobe to see if it is a perfect “10” – meaning it is in perfect condition, fits your figure, is age and personality appropriate, represents your personal style, and is something you actually wear when you reach for something in your closet. If, and only, if it is a “10,” can it stay. If not, out it goes! People are always surprised, but we recommend getting rid of 75% of your wardrobe.

Is there a golden rule for closet cleaning?
We think the “10” rule is more important than the last time you wore something. (More so in colder climates where you really feel and dress for the seasons.) For example, sometimes a season goes by and you don’t wear all of your summer dresses, and it’s not necessarily because they aren’t great, you just might not have had occasion to wear all of them. You have to be honest with yourself though. If the reason is really because it doesn’t fit, or you just don’t love it, then it has to go!

This caftan from Calypso is the perfect beach cover up.

And what will you two be adding to your Spring wardrobe?
There are a few looks we’re into right now. White on white is a big trend. A L’agence dress from Intermix paired with nude Sergio Rossi pumps and a classic Chanel handbag in nude or cream is perfect for spring or summer.

How about an easy day to night look?
Bikini culture is an obvious winner in Miami. Top an Eberjey bikini from Intermix with a gold caftan from Calypso and throw on a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti thong sandals. Add a metallic clutch and some Alexis Bittar earrings and you’re ready to take the look into the evening.

The timeless black-and-white look calls for a classic accessory, like this Bottega Veneta clutch.

What about something more casual, for a day of shopping or errands?
For easy breezy, try a bright maxi skirt—we love the ones at Calypso—and a Rag and Bone tank. Flat gold sandals, and an oversized slouchy bag finish the bohemian look.

Is there a trend that we can wear year-round?
The classic black-and-white look is especially hot now, but really never goes out of style. We love white J Brand jeans (all year long!), a black Helmut Lang asymmetrical top, Chanel flats and a Bottega Veneta clutch.


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