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Elettra Wiedemann


By Jennifer Condon
Photos by Cameron Krone
Styled by Deborah Afshani

It’s only fitting that a girl who calls two of the world’s most recognizable beauties mother and grandmother would choose academics—first a degree in International Relations followed by a master’s in Biomedicine. But the fashion industry has a way of luring even the most determined resister into its folds. Since Bruce Weber first photographed her for Abercrombie & Fitch in 2003, she has been a rising star in the modeling world, walking the runway for designers such as Bill Blass and Diane von Furstenberg, gracing the covers of Elle and GQ and joining her mother as a face of Lancome. Despite her initial reluctance, Wiedemann is quick to admit her amazement and gratitude for her unexpected career path.

When not on assignment, Wiedemann dedicates much of her time to One Frickin’ Day, the charity she co-founded to help raise money for struggling Partners in Health clinics across the globe by asking people to donate just one frickin’ day of their annual salary. She lives in New York City’s West Village with her fiancé and OFD co-founder James Marshall and their dog, Happy. We find out what she’s wearing this fall, what she can’t live without, and where she scores the best vintage.

How would you describe your personal style?
I try to always look elegant, but comfort is really important to me so you won’t see me running around in couture dresses and eight-inch heels!

What are you wearing this fall?
I just got my luggage stolen on a trip, so right now I am focusing on rebuilding the basics in my wardrobe, like good jeans and sweaters. You would think getting your luggage stolen would totally suck, but it has actually been kind of fun to reinvent my whole closet.

What were your favorite looks from the Fall collections?
I recently shot Ferragamo’s look book and loved its Fall collection. It is some of the best designing and tailoring I have seen in a long time.

Who are your favorite young designers to watch?
I am good friends with Prabal Gurung and Sophie Theallet and I think they are super talented in how they balance elements of youth with sophistication.

What is your favorite styling trick?
Less is more. Before I go out, I force myself to either take one thing off my body or one thing out of my bag.

What was your most recent fashion splurge?
Buying a bunch of new vintage pieces from Amarcord in NYC and taking it to a great tailor to make sure it all fits just perfectly.

What do you never leave home without?
Lancome DNA Shield, Juicy Tubes, my BB, my wallet, my iPod and my agenda.

What’s on your holiday wish list?
My family and I don’t really exchange gifts anymore, we just all travel to spend the holidays together, so that is the gift.

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