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With Memorial Day just a few weeks away, and along with it, the official start to the Summer, we caught up with one of our favorite designers to see what she has in store for the season, from fashion to travel. Trina Turks talks packing light, embracing brights and traveling to Turks & Caicos.

Trina Turk stores are so inviting. What is your goal when designing them?
We've had a great time working with talented architects and interior designers on creating our stores, which each have their own personality. There's nothing more gratifying than going into a great looking store where our collections are beautifully displayed. 

Talk to us about your Summer collections. What were some of your inspirations?
My first summer collection was inspired by the cross-cultural mix of Southern California, Mexico and Arizona. The desert-scape of the Vasquez Rocks, located just north of Los Angeles, along with the Latino flavor of folkloric costumes, paper flowers and fringed lanterns influences the bright color palette paired with warm neutrals. Borrowed from my favorite Mexican artists, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, the festive color combination is certain to jumpstart the Summer collections.

Many of your looks just beg to be packed in a suitcase and taken on holiday. Are you often inspired by different destinations when designing?
My husband, Jonathan, and I enjoy traveling and I am always inspired by the art, architecture, culture and colors of new places.  Last year we chose Turkey as our vacation destination for its combination of culture, textile shopping and seaside relaxation. (The fact that the city of Istanbul is split between Europe and Asia is intriguing enough, but vague memories from college art history classes, the lure of the Grand Bazaar, and photos of the Aegean coast sealed the deal.) On our way to Turkey, we made a quick stop in Capri. The warm sandy beaches of the Aegean, the blues of the crystalline water and the rocky terrain of the Mediterranean can be seen in our Spring delivery aptly titled Mediterranean.

What's on your summer agenda?
We're still trying to decide where to go for vacation this year.  Some of our top picks are Tangier, Buenos Aires, San Miguel de Allende or a trip including architectural residences that I'd love to see in person: Fallingwater, The Gropius House, Manitoba-Russell Wright's home, The Glass House, The Farnsworth House, Eero Saarinen and Alexander Girard's Miller House. 

Where was the last place you visited?
In a recent collaboration, we created an exclusive swimwear print for Grace Bay Club in Turks & Caicos. The project was dubbed "Trina Turks & Caicos"—cute, right? With our swim project complete, Grace Bay Club graciously invited me down for an extended weekend. The view from the plane was incredible—meandering white sand beaches and ombre turquoise waters.

What are some of your go-to pieces when traveling?
My advice is to always pack light! Don't worry about having a completely new look for every day, but rather find a few basics that you love and then mix in some fun colorful and printed pieces. This summer, I am packing the Amet Shirt in Sari Pink, which can be dressed up with a blazer or dressed down with a pair of shorts.

What else do you pack in your carry-on?
I always travel with a few statement jewelry pieces like our coral-and-gem necklace, disc toggle pendant and Riviera cuff. These pieces are a great way to mix up your travel looks without over-filling your suitcase.

Your fabric and accessories collections have been doing quite well. Are you enjoying this area of design? Can we expect to see it expand?
I love design projects that involve color, print and textiles—so yes, I've been enjoying it! We're expanding our bedding assortment with the addition of quilted coverlets and lots of new patterns in duvet covers and comforters. 

What's the one item in stores right now that we can't live without?
Summer is an opportunity to lighten up and wear color!  I cannot live without the Graciella dress. A bold printed dress is a versatile essential that can take you from poolside to cocktail parties to city soirees throughout the summer months.

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