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Chef Makoto Okuwa.

Stephen Starr’s Makoto opened its doors one year ago, leaving in its wake a sea of die-hard fans of Chef Makoto Okuwa’s inspired Japanese cuisine. On the eve of its first anniversary, we asked the restaurant’s namesake chef to share some of his most memorable moments, greatest inspirations and the ingredients he cannot live without.

How are you feeling on the eve of your one-year anniversary?
I still can’t believe that it has already been one year! I feel like the restaurant is still a month old.
What was the greatest surprise this year?
The greatest surprise was meeting such great people and cooking dinner for Chef Jean Georges.

How has the menu changed since Makoto opened?
There have been a lot of changes! I do miss some of the food a lot!
What have been the most popular dishes?
The most popular dishes are Crispy Rice Spicy Tuna, Short Rib Robata and Tuna Air Bread.

Which dish do you wish more people would try? 
Hot Pepper Chicken
Is there anything special planned to celebrate this occasion?
We always have surprises, so stay tuned for something great!
Who have been some of your greatest influences in the kitchen? 
Masaharu Morimoto
And in life?
My Dad.

At home, what's your go-to meal? 
Curry rice and Hayashi rice. I cannot live without rice.
Who do you most enjoy cooking for? 
I most enjoy cooking for my friends and family.
A meal isn't complete without?
A meal isn’t complete without a spicy component.


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