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CH Marks the Spot

Carolina Herrera.

By Tali Jaffe

In town to celebrate the opening of CH Carolina Herrera, the brand’s matriarch herself shared a few minutes with to tell us about her Spring collection, finding the perfect pattern and how a crisp white blouse became her trademark.

Check out our exclusive video of the grand opening party of the CH Carolina Herrera boutique, with special guest, Carolina Herrera. View party photos here.

Tell us why it was important for you to open a CH store at Bal Harbour Shops.
I really enjoy how colorful the city is with its art deco architecture and beautiful beaches. The people in Miami are so alive. CH is just that—it’s fun and colorful.

The store's interior design is very special, mixing Art Deco with Classic furnishings. Does this speak to the range of influences that contribute to your collections?
The interior design somewhat reflects the vibrant and fun nature that is CH Carolina Herrera. It’s modern, it’s exciting, but it does so with a classic sense of beauty in mind.

What sets the Carolina Herrera and CH Carolina Herrera brands apart? Are there any common threads from season to season?
There is always a common thread with Carolina Herrera New York and CH. They share the same sophistication and femininity. CH is the continuation of Carolina Herrera New York with complete collections of men’s, women’s and children’s.  There’s now something for everyone; but it’s more than just clothes, it’s a lifestyle. 

Who is the CH Carolina Herrera woman?
Whether it be for Carolina Herrera New York or for CH Carolina Herrera, I design for the woman of today.  An elegant woman who is confident in the clothes she wears and her personal style.  Fashion is always fun, it has to be.

You're a fashion icon who embodies classic, timeless style. When did a crisp white blouse become your trademark?
As a young girl I always wore a crisp white shirt to school and while riding my horses. It was just something that stuck with me.  It’s the perfect piece for every woman to have in her closet.  You can pair it with a trouser, a pencil skirt or at night with a ball skirt and the right accessories.
In a word, how would you describe your personal style?
Classic with a modern twist.

What is it like to work with your daughters? Had you always imagined that your label would become a family affair?
It’s amazing to come to work every day and work so closely with your family. Both Carolina and Patricia work with me on different aspects of the business and contribute creatively.
Much like my daughters, my design team is like my family.  We see each other almost every day and many of them have been with me for years. It’s important to surround yourself with wonderful people.

Can you tell us about some of the images and inspirations at play when you were designing the Spring collection?
I was very taken with the Bauhaus movement and it served as the inspiration for my Spring 2012 Collection. I was in Dessau, near Berlin at the Bauhaus Museum and was very impressed with the linear qualities and bright colors. I bought almost every book in the gift shop and from there the prints and fabrics used in the collection took shape.

Your avian patterns for Carolina Herrera's Spring collection were spot on. It seems like patterns have become like logos, identifying a brand via a splattering of finches, lips, cats, etc. What do you think of this trend?
I have always put at least one print in my collections.  Finding the right print is a very special process in that they come to me in many different ways.  The chair print, for example, was inspired by the artist Jeremiah Goodman’s book.  He painted such a romantic scene that I had to re interpret it into a print for the collection. When I met with him after, he was thrilled to see his work have a second life in the fabric.

I think introducing specific prints from collection to collection has nothing to do with branding, but more about the inspiration and feeling of the season.  Fashion is of course for the eyes. Instinct and feeling are also very important ingredients as well when it comes to design and fashion. When choosing a signature print for a collection, you must go with what speaks to you most

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