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Rodin's Bounty

Linda Rodin, creator of Rodin olio lusso.

By Tali Jaffe

Linda Rodin is an enchanting beauty. Her whip thin frame looks equally at ease in Junya Watanabe as it does in J.Crew (and she wears both), and her stark white hair is beyond chic. But what you can’t take your eyes off is Rodin’s skin, which is radiant and supple and seemingly glowing from within. Luckily for us, Rodin has bottled her secret formula, olio lusso, which is now available at select boutiques, including Bal Harbour’s own Gee Beauty.

Now that her first collection of olio lusso products have been elevated to cult status, we thought it was time to catch up with Rodin to see how her story began and where its taken her.

How and when did you first start to develop Rodin olio lusso? 
I started developing it by accident, in August 2007.  I wanted something special for my skin…
What are the virtues of oils versus creams and lotions?
It’s personal; I never liked lotions, and always felt that oils penetrated the skin far more effectively. 

You've successfully developed four products that we cannot live without. What can we look forward to next? 
Ah, we have a hand and body cream, Rodin Crema, coming out November 15th. It’s for hands, elbows and all the places you forget about. It smells like our other products, and its emollient and creamy... And an amazingly gorgeous perfume coming out next Mother’s Day.
Rodin olio lusso is described as "a twenty-first century approach to easy, off-the-cuff luxury for on the go women." Would you say you carved out this beauty niche? 
All I can honestly say is that I developed something for myself: a selfish endeavor, and then realized, after showing it to a lot of beauty insiders, that they were looking for the same thing. Something easy and simple with glowing results quickly. I think it’s really an age old approach: do what is simple and natural, and you can't lose.  My tag line is always  'be the best you can be naturally.'

You are a stunning woman and not bashful about sharing your age. Have you always been this confident?
I don't know... youth is blinded by youth...we've  all had terrible insecure moments....bad hair days, bad skin.....not ok....not cool enough, not pretty enough. I didn't realize at the time how many hang ups I really had, but it was a part of growing up, and of course, universal. I do admit, for me, with age comes confidence. 

Do you have any advice for  women who work so hard to hide their age (through procedures, fillers, etc.) 
I am not against anything in moderation. Why not do things that make you look and feel better about yourself? Modern science has allowed women to do subtle things to look 'refreshed'. I'm all for that. When it gets extreme, then one doesn't look 'younger,' but instead 'older, with too much work.”

You've worked in so many facets of the fashion industry, can you share any tricks of the trade? 
I think the key for me has always been to stay true to myself, not get caught up in the newest this, or the hottest that, and to keep my head above how fickle it can all be. 

Tell us about your beauty regimen. Beside olio lusso, what else would we find on your vanity? 
Hmmmmmm, not much. My hairpins, tooth brush, toothpaste, vintage bottles I bought in Prague...lots of hues of blue and green nail polishes (don't wear them, just love the colors and bottles.)

How would you describe your personal style?
Simple, slim and clean and basic. In my own eyes, I always look the same. I try to look the best I can, and be elegant and yet age appropriate in my choices. 

What does your fall uniform consist of?
Jeans (been wearing only jeans since I was 16—with of course the occasional beautiful trousers from Prada, Miu Miu and Lanvin) and a great coat I got last year from Junya Watanabe, and a new Marni bag. And wonderful Swedish clog boots.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
I always love anything Prada, Miu Miu, Junya Watanabe and Lanvin. But I don't buy much from anyone, just a piece here and there and basics from J.Crew and other groovy inexpensive shops downtown.

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