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100% Capri model in Camicia Giulia & Pantalone Martin.

Antonio Aiello has created more than a brand with 100% Capri, he’s created a lifestyle. Walk into his Bal Harbour Shops boutique and any stress you may have been carrying seems to be checked at the door. Like a cool breeze, 100% Capri envelopes you into its crisp fold and sends you out feeling light and airy—just like its signature linens. Here, we speak to Aiello about the evolution of his brand and how to live the 100% Capri lifestyle.

In just a few words, how would you describe the 100% Capri philosophy?
To bring quality, chic and elegance to our clients. What can be better during the hot summer than wearing fresh and cool linen, feeling comfortable and classy at the same time?

What do you love most about working in fashion?
I don't like to use the word fashion. My brand is about my lifestyle—and that of my clients’. I like to think of my job as spreading my vision of how to live a quality life every day, and incorporating true luxury on a daily basis.

Do you live in Capri full time?
I'm not the kind of person who lives in one place year-round. If I was, I would never do what I do! I can have a breakfast in Capri, lunch in Paris and dinner in Portofino, easily. But mostly I spend time between Capri and St. Barths.

What new products have you introduced this year?
We did a kind of revolution in the world of linen and there is more still to come.

What is the single most popular item purchased at Bal Harbour Shops?
Definitely our linen shirt! They are truly unique.

What are three things you never travel without?
My phone, my 100% Capri linen shirt and my credit card.


Photography by Doug Castanedo, 2017


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