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Richard Mille X Romain Grosjean

The RM 011 watch.

By Jessica Michault

Watchmaker Richard Mille recently announced that his company would become an official sponsor of the new Haas F1 team. When it makes its debut at the season opening Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne today, it will be the first American-lead F1 team on the circuit in 30 years.

We spoke with Haas team member Romain Grosjean—who has been a brand ambassador for the company since 2014—about what he looks for in a watch, what sets Richard Mille’s timepieces apart from all the others and if, outside of racing, he is always on time.


What’s most important to you about a timepiece?
I have loved watches since I was a kid. Is it related to the fact that I grew up in Switzerland, I don’t know, but watches have always been special to me. I do really love the complexity of a tourbillon. Seeing all the gears working together and being so precise always fascinated me.

You have been a Richard Mille Ambassador since 2014. What have you learned about the man and the brand during that time?
Richard is an incredible man. When you get the chance to meet him, you can directly see how passionate he is about all his projects for the brand. Whenever he has an idea, he really pushes for it and never gives up. Regardless of the range of watches, you can instantly tell that they are Richard Mille.

What do you think that race car drivers and watch makers have in common?
Precision, timing, materials, engineering… An F1 car is a very complex machine and it requires a lot of people behind the scenes to make it happen. After recently visiting Richard Mille’s factory, I can tell you that watches are very similar!

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Haas F1 team, the first American-led Formula One team in 30 years?
It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Having an American-led F1 team on the grid is definitively something very strong for F1. I’m sure that we will get a lot of fans from the U.S. Driving the Haas F1 car for the first time out of the garage in winter testing was a moment I will never forget.

What is your favorite function on your Richard Mille watch and why?
We have been using the G-sensor. It’s amazing to see that we can calculate the G forces with a mechanical watch. I like the fact that the full carbon watch is also very light, which makes driving with it very comfortable.

Outside of racing are you someone who is always early, on time or late to things?
I am always two minutes early. I do really hate being late. As I say I am a French driver but I am also Swiss!


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