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A Perfect Pair

Sergio Rossi's designer Angelo Ruggeri with his shoe muse Bianca Brandolini d’Adda.

By Jessica Michault

Talking with Sergio Rossi’s design director Angelo Ruggeri and his muse Bianca Brandolini d’Adda is almost like speaking with a couple who have been happily married for decades. They finish each other’s sentences, tease each other insistently and are clearly still very much fascinated by the other. We sit down with the duo to talk about their first capsule collection and how Ruggeri helped make her dream shoes a reality.

How did this collaboration begin?
Angelo Ruggeri: It was something very natural. It came out of the idea of giving a face to Rossi woman. Because very often when I am designing a collection people very often ask me who is your ideal woman, and Bianca is really our ideal woman. She is stylish, but not a fashion victim, she is beautiful and modern and she loves contrasts and our brand is based on contrasts.

Bianca what made you decide to say yes to this collaboration, I am sure you get approached by a lot of brands?
Bianca Brandolini d’Adda: When they first contacted me about the project I really like the idea because the brand is Italian and it brought me back to my Italian roots. And it really was like a dream come true I was like a kid in a candy store saying “I want this, but with that heel,” or “I like this color but with on a flat masculine shoe,” it was amazing. I decided I wanted to create my personal wardrobe of shoes. Shoes that could take me from day to night, so you have the flat more masculine shoes and a whole series of heels and boots for evening, kind of like a black and white tuxedo look for a woman. I wanted most of it to be in black and white because I am often wearing dark colors in terms of the shoes I wear.

Bianca you've designed clothing, capsules, in the past but this is the first for shoes. What is your experience in conceptualizing footwear in comparison to clothing?
BBA: I was lucky enough to work with someone like this. I have a taste, I know what I like and dislike, I'm very precise in my ideas but he's the one who has the know-how. We balance each other.

You articulate her vision Angelo?
AR: Exactly. Sometimes, it's very challenging because I try to express my creativity, and try to understand her likes and dislikes.


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