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Counter Confidential: Gee Beauty

Gee Beauty, Bal Harbour Shops.

Gee Beauty is not only the go-to for South Florida’s in-the-know beauty buffs, it’s also a place where priceless health and beauty knowledge is dispersed by two very well-versed women: Celene and Natalie Gee. And we’re not the only ones taking notice: Allure magazine just voted Gee Beauty one of “The Best Beauty Shops Around the World.” Here, we talk to these beauty babes about fall makeup musts, exclusive new products and skincare treatments that begin on the inside.

Do you have a favorite Fall beauty moment from the runway?
It’s too hard to name just one! The Fall looks we’re all about gorgeous skin, groomed brows and a natural kind of glamour.

Prada and Dolce & Gabbana had a glamorous take on the natural makeup look, with warm peach and nectar shades on the lids and soft, fluttery lashes. Dolce & Gabbana did a lightly defined liner on the eye and a soft pinky-rose lip—a bit darker and more color than a nude, but still natural.

The Eyebrow also had a major beauty moment, but instead of being super bold, defined and dark, the Fall brow is softer, with a more natural fullness. One of our favorites was the Dolce & Gabanna look, where the brows were brushed upwards to soft perfection, therefore making the moment natural, soft and just gorgeous.

And we have to make mention to the ponytail! The look suggests a modern ease. While Prada went high and glamorous with embellished details, Carolina Herrera went sleek and modern—ultra-chic. Or for the bohemian spirit, Stella McCartney did a messy version that is super low-maintenance and pairs beautifully with her minimal, menswear inspired look. This hair moment for us was truly standout.

Can you tell us one product every woman needs in her makeup bag this month?
Concealer is a definite makeup-bag must-have for Fall. Concealer is so multi-purpose: it can naturally contour, brighten under-eye darkness, hide unwanted blemishes and redness and can perfectly freshen the face from day into night. One of the best concealer tricks is to take a lighter, peach tone (tip: peach counteracts blue undertones) and apply under the eye, along the upper cheekbone and around the corners of the nose to create a natural highlight. The eyes look bigger, and skin looks brighter.

What’s the Best Quick Fix for transitioning from day to night? 
Eyeliner. This fall, we are putting it on the upper and lower lash lines with complimentary pencil shades. Apply a rich chocolate brown liner along the top lash-line, and smudge into the lashes. The softness of the brown shade (as opposed to black) can make the eyes look rich yet soft. For the lower lash line, apply either a copper or golden hazel tone, and smudge into the water line. We love this for the lower lash because it brings out beautiful tones in the eyes and is super sexy!

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received, and from whom?
Miriam Gee (our mother) always says “never leave home without your lipstick. It’s about looking polished and fresh, but also about being prepared and ready for anything.”

Which new products at Gee are you most excited about?
Fall is one of our favorite seasons to start fresh—from the inside out. We are big believers in nourishing the body with whole ingredients and lots of greens! The Super Elixir nutritional supplement is new to our studios. The organic, all natural nutritional blend—created by supermodel Elle Macpherson, and her nutritional doctor, Simone Laubscher—is a blend of specialized alkalizing greens, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to assist wellness and vitality in the body. Mix with water or combine into your daily smoothie to alkalize the body, give you natural energy, beautify the skin and cleanse the body.

SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewal B3 is a daily corrective moisturizer that visibly corrects the appearance of early photoaging, reduces winkles and re-tightens surface elasticity, while working to even out the skin-tone. It renews skin by increasing cell turnover while delivering intense hydration without a heavy, tacky feel.

Resurface by Shani Darden Retinol Reform is a power-player because of its multi-tasking abilities: it helps reduce wrinkles, pore size and dark spots, while it brightens, smoothes and improves skin texture. It refines the skin by stimulating cell renewal and collagen production, so skin looks plump and fresh. The combination of aloe vera soothes the skin for a glowing finish.

Are there any products that Gee is exclusively carrying in Miami?
High performance, advanced anti-aging skin care brand 37 Actives was created by internationally renowned Dermatologist Dr. Macrene, and is a new and exclusive launch for Gee Beauty in Bal Harbour. Ideal for those who like a simple, low maintenance routine, this one-stop beauty solution gives your skin over 37 active ingredients to highly target areas of aging and concern.

How about treatments? What's new at Gee? 
We have newly introduced Lash Extensions at our Bal Harbour location. Extensions are applied to your natural lashes to enhance length, volume and thickness. Treating the lash extensions with care is vital to the health of your natural lashes, so we recommend a daily lash supplement like the botanical based Grande Lash to keep the follicles strong. 

Between blowouts, what do you recommend for managing our manes?
Dry Shampoos and Dry Texture Sprays are a woman’s best friend for managing her mane in between blowouts. Dry Shampoo, like new brand R&Co’s, is a light powdery spray that is applied onto the roots of the hair to absorb excess oil and enhance volume, essentially prolonging your next shampoo. Dry Texture Spray, like Oribe’s Dry Texture Spray, is best for the body of the hair to create texture and body when your hair begins to look dull or flat. It’s our absolute favorite! We carry the travel size version everywhere. A good hair oil, like David Mallett’s Hair Serum, works wonders for the ends of the hair to smooth, repair and polish.

What are your favorite hair tools and what should we have in our hair-care tool kit?
For daily use (or whenever your brush your hair), the best brush for stimulating the hair follicles and naturally making your hair stronger and healthier is Mason Pearson. This brush comes in 3 different sizes, so it’s perfect for home, the gym and travel. The more you brush, the healthier the hair. It’s a Gee Beauty must-have. We also love a good tourmaline, ceramic curling iron and our favorite is the new Twirl 360 Motion-Sensing, Auto-Rotating curling iron. It creates gorgeous, shiny curls and waves with a simple turn of the wrist. The Twirl 360 senses the movement of your hand and automatically rotates in the desired direction.

To create a professional haircare tool kit for at-home use, we recommend:

Incredibly lightweight T3 Featherweight Blowdryer, (and for curly hair you need a diffuser)

Quick Straightening T3 ceramic 1” Flat Iron

Instant Body T3 Curling Iron

Hair Clips, Hair Elastic, and Bobby Pins

Mason Pearson Hair Brush

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Oribe Impermeable Spray

Oribe Gold Lust oil


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