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Christofle’s Kingdom

The Large Crown from Christofle’s Silver Kingdom collection.

If you’re looking for the royal treatment, you may want to stop in Christofle where a new collection of customizable silver crowns is now in store. Designed by interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the Silver Kingdom collection draws on Christofle’s legacy as silversmith to France’s King Louis- Philippe and the House of Orléans. The house’s Executive Vice President, Ginny Gerard, gives us a closer look at the modern-day take on crowns, and what else the luxury house has in store.

Silver Kingdom references the house’s legacy as a regal silversmith. Can you tell us more about the history?
Christofle’s history is intrinsically tied to the royal heritage of France. Christofle was the official provider of table service to King Louis-Philippe and the House of Orleans and also commissioned by Napoleon III and Maximilian of Mexico—truly cementing the brand’s status as silversmith to the kings.

How do you modernize a collection with roots as historical as this one?
Christofle is and has always been a modern brand. In every important artistic era since 1830, Christofle has consistently worked with renowned artists and designers to produce the world’s finest silver creations. We pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating our history with a modern aesthetic. The beauty of our brand is that we offer a wide range of styles, from historical to ultra contemporary.

With Silver Kingdom, Martyn captures the form of these heritage coronation crowns but adds in modern touches. The Large Crown features a honey bee within—one of the brand’s hallmarks. Additionally, customers are invited to creatively use these pieces. Whether they are used as a centerpiece, incorporated into a floral display or placed on a desk, they come to life and are suddenly applicable in this era.

Since the pieces are customizable, how would you design your crown?
Fully gilded with precious stones and lined in rich velvet so I can wear it every day!

Have you had any especially noteworthy requests so far?
We recently received a request to customize a small crown to commemorate the birth of a baby girl.

Are there plans for more collections with Martyn Lawrence Bullard?
Collaborating with Martyn on Silver Kingdom has been a delight for the brand. He offers a truly unique design point of view allowing Christofle to embrace a more avant-garde aesthetic. The creative process is never ending.

What are you some of your personal favorite motifs?
Christofle continuously calls upon its historic iconography; my favorites are the bee and the honeycomb, the head of Minerva and the apple from the Jardin d’Eden pattern.

Is there one that’s most popular at Bal Harbour Shops?
Christofle’s Jardin D’Eden pattern designed by Marcel Wanders is a best seller in Bal Harbour. The pattern’s exquisite detailing seamlessly marries tradition and the avant-garde, which resonates with our customers who are looking to set their table with flatware with a unique personality.


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