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Tomas Maier Opens at Bal Harbour Shops

The facade of the new Tomas Maier store at Bal Harbour Shops.

By Jessica Michault

The stealth sophistication of designer Tomas Maier’s signature brand has decided to call Bal Harbour Shops its home. The store, the fifth for the brand, resides on the second level of the Shops and is a homecoming of sorts for the designer. Maier actually opened his first freestanding store in Miami Beach in 2004.

The store is imbued with the ambiance of its physical surroundings. The cool elegance of off white walls and wood floors are an understated backdrop to the display pieces that were crafted by Maier, as well as other furniture pieces designed by Ole Wanscher. The 1,800-square-foot space has a relaxed and inviting air and Maier’s love of collaborations and the inclusion of work from artist he admires also elevate the environment into something more personal. It’s almost as if shoppers will be getting a peek into the calm waters psyche of the designer himself and the brand he launched in 1997.

Here, we speak to Maier about his love of Florida, how he distinguishes his eponymous brand with his work as the creative director of Bottega Veneta and who exactly is the Tomas Maier woman.

In your mind's eye how do you differentiate your signature world and design aesthetic from the one you have created for Bottega Veneta?
The brands are so separate in their execution that I don’t find it difficult to separate the design process. However, they are complementary in the sense that Bottega Veneta will provide you with the “extraordinary” while Tomas Maier will provide you with the “necessary.”

With your Tomas Maier stores what sort of shopping universe do you want to create for your customers?
Something very calm and gallery like. Very curated and clean—not too much product too prominently displayed. I like to give the clients the experience of discovery.

What made you decide that Bal Harbour was where you wanted to make your brick-and-mortar home?
Who wouldn’t want to be in Bal Harbour!? Just look around and you understand why.

I know you are a big fan of Florida in general. What is it that you find so appealing about the place?
The weather, the casual lifestyle, the proximity to places I need to be but also the feeling of separation from the rest of the world due to the favorable climate.

What kind of woman wears Tomas Maier...who do you conjure up in your mind when you are designing the line?
Unfussy, active, smart and self-assured. One who is confident enough to know what works for her.

You have talked about brands needing a clear have you defined that for your signature line?
My own brand does not try to be everything to everyone. Our clients are thoughtful, intelligent and creative generally. They don’t dress to impress but rather to make themselves feel good.


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