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It’s been almost a year since Gee Beauty—the Toronto-based beauty and skincare boutique—began tending to Bal Harbour’s most discerning women from its jewel-box storefront at Bal Harbour Shops. With a new bespoke facial menu premiering this week, we thought it was a good time to catch up with Natalie Gee, one of the four Gee women behind the brand, to get her tips for fabulous skin all summer long, quick fixes and a preview of the brand new “As You Like It” spa menu. Download the new Gee Beauty spa menu here.

How has your own beauty routine changed since moving from Toronto to Miami?
My beauty routine has definitely changed since moving to Miami. What I love about my skin here is the automatic glow because of the heat! So I concentrate on plumping my skin with masques, serums and oils.

What's the one product you cannot start your day without?
One of the products I never start my day without no matter what city I'm in is vitamin c serum and Skin Ceuticals makes the best one. Phloretin CF is my go-to, and with its packed anti-oxidants, I can feel safe that my skin is being prevented from damage. Not only does vitamin c help with cell turnover, you’ll also see a brighter and tighter skin complexion almost immediately.

Summer hits us hard with sweat and oil; what new products do you recommend to counteract the heat?
The best thing to do to help control sweat and keep your skin looking oil-free is to apply a clay masque one to two times a week. Clay absorbs excess oil and also exfoliates the skin a bit; the perfect combination for summer. The other product I love and constantly apply all summer long is a hydrating mist. Tata Harper makes a Floral Hydrating Spray that is my favorite! Rose and witch hazel help to calm and sooth the skin and witch hazel is particularly important for oil absorption.

Tell us about your new facial menu that's launching this week.
We are so excited about our new treatment at Gee Beauty because it's unique to our Bal Harbour clients. As You Like It is a completely customized, build your own facial where you decide what you want in the time you have. We give you a few options and allow you to add or subtract elements as you wish. This new treatment really speaks to our customer that knows exactly what they want, and require a specific result.

How did you develop the concept for it?
We came up with the concept because our customers were asking for it! We love being able to provide our clients with the service they are looking for, and customization like this was requested time and time again. We are always trying to innovate and invent new and exciting reasons for our customers to keep coming back to Gee Beauty.

Which products does Gee carry with SPF?
We carry quite a few products with SPF but one that we cannot keep in stock is Dr. Brandt's Flexitone BB cream with SPF 30. BB creams are one of the newest and most talked about launches that the industry has seen in a long time. This particular BB cream with SPF is our favorite because it acts as a primer and SPF protector all in one.

What about sun damaged skin, are there any products you recommend?
Best advice for any skin with sun damage is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Of course, never leave home without SPF and do apply a good pigment cream nightly. But what we have found with our clients here that do suffer from pigmentation and sun damage is to counteract with hydrating masques and serums. If we focus on hydrating the skin so that tone and brightness looks better, we can lesson the attention to the damage. From what we have learned here, despite the pigmentation, Miamians will not stay away from the sun!

For those transitioning from their 20s to their 30s, what do you recommend we adjust in our skincare regimen?
For those who are transitioning their skin regime and seeing the first signs of aging, I would definitely recommend regular facials and a really great eye cream. I read recently that Diane Von Furstenberg looks as good as she does because of regular facials and that's certainly something we preach at Gee Beauty. Monthly is ideal. And I choose eye cream because our eyes really become the first feature to show our aging, so it's imperative to invest in a good eye cream. Look for ingredients like rose, natural vitamins (like c or e) and peptides that help plump and build protein.

Another great aspect to Gee Beauty is our approach to individual beauty, so anyone that comes into our store looking or inquiring about a product or had a skin question, we are more than happy to build a skin are regime that is so uniquely personal to you.

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