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Buccellati Opens at Bal Harbour

Buccellati Bal Harbour.

This year, Lucrezia Buccellati became the fourth generation family member to take up the co-Creative Director role at the century old high jewelry house, Buccellati. The Miami-born Buccellati celebrates a homecoming of sorts as her family’s eponymous jewelry brand opens its doors at Bal Harbour Shops. Here, we talk to Lucrezia about inspiration, working with the family and her Miami musts!

Lucrezia Buccellati and her father, Andrea Buccellati.

Are there different pressures felt when working with a family company? And on the flip side, what are some of the best parts about continuing a family legacy?
Yes of course. When you are working with coworkers who happen to be your family it can be challenging at times, especially if you are the youngest of the group. However, I also work alongside my father, Andrea Buccellati, as he is the lead designer for the company and we have an amazing connection and understanding with one another.

I feel honored to continue my family legacy especially because what I do is my passion. It’s an important role to be part of the new generation, to continue what my great grandfather originally started.

Ramage Pendant Earrings from the Ramage Collection.

With both your grandfather and father having played such key roles in your career path, many words of wisdom (both professional and personal) must have been passed on. Any you’d like to share with us?
Since my career is in its beginning stages, I still have a lot to learn from my father. Every time I speak with him or go to Italy to check on production and view new designs, I always learn so much. I know though that both would encourage me to continue in the innovation of Buccellati, but to remain faithful to the DNA of the brand.

Isotta Ring from the Romanza Collection.

Tell us about the development of the Romanza collection—Buccellati’s first-ever collection of bridal jewelry.
This collection was designed with my father, Andrea, as we wanted to create an engagement/bridal line that was dynamic and modern like today’s woman, as today’s woman wants something different and unique. We imagined different types of iconic muses from the history of European literature and created a ring inspired by each. Therefore each ring ultimately reflects a different type of character.

If you had to choose, what would you say is your absolute favorite piece from the Unica Collection, and why?
The DAMA bracelet because it’s elegant and modern keeping in mind the Buccellati DNA and also because you can wear it with any dress!

Honolulu bracelet from the Hawaii & Honolulu Collection.

What three words describe the Buccellati aesthetic?
Timeless, distinct and handcrafted.

You were born in Miami, so opening a store at Bal Harbour is a bit like a homecoming. What are some of your own memories of the Shops from your childhood?
I love Miami and every time I am there, I feel happy and at home. During my childhood, I remember two stores, one being Bal Harbour Shops because my mom always loved to shop there and the second was Toys “R” Us because me and my brother would beg our mother to take us every time we were in Miami.

Rombi Eternelle from the Rombi Collection.

What are some of your favorite Miami spots?
Casa Tua, Juvia, Soho Beach House and The Setai.

As someone who travels with some frequency, do you have a travel routine you tend to stick to?
I’m not a routine girl so I don’t really follow a pattern when I travel, but when I do travel for business trips; my rule is to travel light and to always bring a couple pairs of heels and at least one blazer.

Macri Pendant earrings from the Macri Collection.

What are three things you always have in your carry-on?
High-heels, blazer and make-up.

Is there a particular destination you return to over and over again?
Miami and Milan as I consider them both my homes.



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