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Feeling Blue

Tiffany & Co. accessory designers Richard Lambertson (left) and John Truex (right).

Designers Richard Lambertson and John Truex were recently in town to present their new accessories collection for Tiffany & Co. at Bal Harbour Shops. The collection looks right at home in South Florida, with its brilliant color palette inspired by the world’s legendary getaways, like the Isle of Capri and the Riviera.

We caught up with the dynamic duo while they were in town to discuss the latest collection, love at first sight and the always-in-season Tiffany Blue.

Q:  You joined Tiffany & Co as design directors for the Tiffany Leather Collection in 2009. How many collections have you designed since then?
 A:  The debut Tiffany Leather Collection launched in select markets, Miami being one of them, in September of 2010.  The 2012 Spring/Summer collection marks our fourth collection with Tiffany.

Q:  Is there a dialogue between the collections?
A:  Every seasonal offering of the Tiffany Leather Collection will have elements that were distinguishable from the prior season, from particular colors and fabrications to specific hardware details and overall silhouettes.  Our design aesthetic, while fluid, is highly influenced by the timelessness of Tiffany style and will remain an integral part of the collection.

Q:  You took inspiration for the Spring collection from some of the world's most legendary getaways, like Capri and the Riviera. How do you channel those destinations in the collection?
A:  Inspiration can be manifested in a variety of ways.  Most obvious are the color comparisons between the destinations themselves and those hues visible throughout the 2012 Spring/Summer collection. For example, the incorporation of tangerine to reflect the orange sunsets and gardenia white portrays the pristine white sails of the Mediterranean.  A less obvious design inspiration are the soft and relaxed silhouettes shown this season with the introduction of the Marlow hobo and Jitney tote that invoke the care-free, laid-back attitude that epitomize these destinations.  Additionally, fabrications that are often found in beautiful and welcoming retreats like raffia and linen have been utilized to demarcate the origins of the collection’s inspiration.

Q:  With Miami being a notorious getaway destination itself, these bags must seem right at home here.
A:  The wonderful thing about pulling design inspiration from such infamous destinations such as Capri and the Riviera is that they have international appeal.  We design for the woman that we see every day—on the street, in Miami, in Los Angeles, in New York—and every city in between. It is with this audience in mind and a widely appreciated inspiration that we know the Miami woman, as well as many others from across the globe, will identify with the collection.

Q:  Is there a season you prefer to design for?
A:  We approach each season with a new and fresh attitude so that every collection is as exciting as the last. Changes each season give us an opportunity to work with different colors and materials appropriate for that particular time of year. Spring/Summer allowed us to use a brilliant color palate to portray the world’s most beautiful getaways, while in Fall we designed the handbags to reflect an urban influence by using rich and saturated colors such as burgundy, pesto, light walnut suede, espresso and metallic leathers.
Q:  You use some very luxurious materials in the collection. Tell us how you make the selections.
A:  We choose the most exceptional materials from around the world to complement our designs. Much of our inspiration comes from luxurious textures, which speak for themselves. It is usually love at first sight.
Q:  In what ways is Tiffany Blue incorporated into the collection?
A:  In addition to select styles being offered in Tiffany Blue®, our original creations are finished with the brand's unmistakable, namesake color, including Tiffany Blue® leather interiors and a Tiffany Blue® enamel finish on some of the hardware.  It is an amazing color that is seasonless in our eyes as well as our customers’.

Q:  Do you look to the runways (and any designers in particular) when selecting the colors/styles for your accessories collection?
A: The design process for a particular collection begins about a year prior to it hitting stores. We are presenting our final collection internally to our buyers while other designers are presenting to their buyers so the process is very parallel. As accessory designers, we design to complement a woman’s personality and her wardrobe. Therefore, we are influenced by ready-to-wear around the world but with design taking place twelve months in advance we pay closer attention to the textile mills and color sources around the world so our designs will naturally complement the ready-to-wear of the current season.
We design not for any designer in particular but for women that want luxurious accessories that are on-trend but will remain timeless for years to come.

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