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Behr Necessities

Designer Jennifer Behr wearing one of her looks.

By Tali Jaffe

Jennifer Behr has quietly been making a name for herself as to go-to for headbands, barrettes and just about any other hair accessories you could dream of. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue, her latest collection of headpieces are the perfect adornment for the holiday season. Here we talk to the New York-based Jennifer Behr about her latest looks, who she'd love to dress and how she expanded into bridal pieces.

When did you first start designing headpieces?
I studied sculpture in school, and was taking millinery and costume design classes at the same time. I started making the headpieces about this time, but it wasn’t until 10 years later that I started my own collection.

Now that your pieces are bought internationally, who was the first major retailer to buy from you and what did that collection look like?
Bergdorf Goodman was our first retailer—I actually started my own collection at the request of their buyer.

What do you attribute the recent surge in headwear popularity to?
Until very recently there weren’t any luxury fashion hair accessories out there, so I think our customers are very excited to be able to wear beautiful pieces. We get requests from press and stores all the time saying they are so happy to have found us.

Are you ever without one of your own creations?

Which celebrity have you seen wearing one of your pieces that most made you giddy?
We get excited every time. 

Is there someone you’d like to dress that hasn’t already been spotted wearing your work?
Bjork. I’m hoping for another swan dress moment.

Do you ever create pieces for runway? If so, for whom?
Yes, I just made headpieces for Fendi’s AW 2011 show and have worked with Diane von Furstenberg for many seasons in the past.

Do your seasonal collections follow current trends?
I don’t follow trends, but would rather create them.

What caught your eye during the recent Spring 2012 collections?
I wear a lot of Acne, and loved their new season. And of course Chanel, always. 

When did you launch your bridal collection?
It’s been an organic evolution, I started making pieces for friends and editors who couldn’t find anything they liked, and then stores started requesting pieces from the fashion collection in cream colors to sell to their brides.

How would you describe your personal style?
I’m a bit of a style magpie, simple clothes but always heavy on the accessories—they are the spice of fashion.
Who are your style icons?
Diana Vreeland, for her celebration of the unique.


Are there plans to expand the brand beyond headpieces?
We already make belts, and are dabbling in jewelry for J.Crew’s bridal salon. More to follow!

What is your most popular look to date?
Most recently, the Spiked Leather Dinosaur Headbands that were on the Fendi runway.

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