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Nicholas Kirkwood Opens at Bal Harbour

Nicholas Kirkwood.

“I’ve always been attracted to Miami's energy, art and architecture, which was the inspiration for some of the styles and colors of the Spring 2014 collection,” says shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood. “It feels like the perfect timing and opportunity to open a temporary store at Bal Harbour.” Last weekend Bal Harbour welcomed the Nicholas Kirkwood pop-up shop, which will stay open through September. We caught up with the young designer to get the inside scoop on what the store has to offer.

You’ve just opened a temporary store at Bal Harbour. Tell us about the exclusive pieces at the temporary store.
We made some selections in bright colors, and things that kind of felt were right for Miami.

Ya, that seems to be the common thread for Miami. What drew you to Bal Harbour in particular?
I love the openness of the mall. It doesn’t feel like a mall with all of the trees. It’s special in that way.

Tell us about the design of the store.
Mehrnoosh Khadivi of Craftwork Studio designed the store. They’re from London and we’ve worked together on the design for our shops in New York and Las Vegas.

Do you have a tendency to work with the same group of people or team of people for the different projects that you do?
Ya, ya definitely. Particularly visual ones like that. I mean, sometimes I might mix it up and work with a new designer if it’s for a special window or something. But normally I keep the same team.

And what about the men’s collection? How has that been going?
It’s now in its second season in store, and it’s been going well. It’s still a small offering, only about 5 or 6 styles, but the Bal Harbour store has a small men’s section with these looks.

Is there a relationship between the men’s and women’s?
Sometimes. Maybe it will be technique that I will use in the women’s collection, which I’ll bring over to the men’s. Sometimes I’ll take a color and make it more masculine, or use it in a sole treatment... There’s usually some link there.

And in terms of menswear, are there particular designers that you yourself are drawn to?
It’s interesting I wear anything from Acne, to Givenchy to Kenzo to Comme des Garçons, and t-shirts from the Gap.

Are you wearing your own shoes right now?
Well, I’m wearing something I designed, but not from the collection. It’s definitely quite handy that I can make shoes myself!

How did winning the Vogue Fashion Fund Award effect your studio and practice?
We made some key hires at that time. And the mentoring program that came with the award was quite helpful. And the exposure that came along with it was all very helpful as well.

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