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Lisa, Gary and Lauren Goldfaden

Dr. Gary Goldfaden has been treating patients at his South Florida practice for three decades. His product line, Goldfaden MD, was the first physician strength, dermatologist developed natural skincare line to be released. This month, Goldfaden MD introduces two new products—Light Treatment and Fresh A Peel—available at Gee Beauty. We spoke to Dr. Goldfaden and Lisa Goldfaden about these new products and trailblazing the way for natural skincare.

Goldfaden MD went through a relaunch. What about the line changed?
Lisa Goldfaden:
We relaunched about 15 months ago. The DNA is very similar, but we went back and looked at what was missing from the marketplace. Goldfaden has always been a natural dermatologist brand so we went and looked what was out there and we saw there was really a lack of that. We cleaned up our formulations took out mineral oil and silicone and cleaned the deck as far as ingredients are concerned.

How many products are in the line now?
Lisa Goldfaden:
We also cut down the products significantly. We have around 12 now, down from 38. We wanted to make sure our message was getting delivered appropriately and we really focused on our packaging which has very clear descriptions. It truly is a problem-solution based brand.

How does the line complement your clinical practice?
Dr. G:
I started the line because I wanted to convey a natural philosophy of life and healthy wellbeing. I wanted to deliver the dermalogic aspect without having to do it in the practice. For example, rather than getting Botox injections and fillers, or in-office dermabrasion, why not create a line that was natural that mimics these procedures which people can do on their own at home?

What natural ingredient is your hero ingredient?
Dr. G:
Our hero ingredient is tea, especially red tea. Red tea has extremely high polyphenols. After we jumped in on red tea, a lot of doctors got into incorporating colorful fruits—which contain the same active ingredients. The darker the vegetable, the more antioxidant ability it has. Most of the things I’ve been using in my skincare lines, others are just now jumping in on.

Tell us about the new Fresh A Peel.
Lisa Goldfaden:
We use lactic acid, which is less aggressive than glycolic. It's very gentle on your skin. It's mild, but your skin will feel super soft and be so lustrous. It's the perfect product for someone who's afraid of acids.

And the other new product you've introduced this month is Light Treatment. What's special about this?
Lisa Goldfaden: It's ideal for the Florida market because it targets hyper-pigmentation and melasma. It calms down your skin and prevents the production of melanin, which leads to those dark spots.

And what do you tell people is the most important part of skincare?
Dr. G
: I think the most important thing is to have a regimen that you stick to—and start it early.

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