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Inside 100% Capri

100% Capri, Bal Harbour.

If there's one thing Antonio Aiello knows, it's linen. The owner, founder and designer of 100% Capri has built his brand around creating a lifestyle centered around the fabric. In fact, 100% Capri is the only company that specializes in linen clothing and linen home decor. Having grown up in a family that was involved in the textile industry, Aiello is no stranger to the nuances that distinguish finely crafted linen like that which is found at 100% Capri.

We sat down with Aiello at his chic Bal Harbour boutique to discuss all things linen.

How did your family's textile company influence your career?
Nowadays, I feel that brands are too focused on quantity instead of the most important factor—quality.  This wasn't the case 30 or 40 years ago. The know-how of the tradition [of textiles] influenced me to focus on the quality and details of my brand.

What were some of the most important lessons learned from the family business?
The most valuable lesson I learned from my family's business was craftsmanship. Today I consider our brand a contemporary craft.

Was it difficult to decide to focus a brand on one material?
Absolutely not. When people think linen, I want them to think 100% Capri. Our mission is to control the linen markets globally.

When you're not wearing 100% Capri, what are you most likely to be found in?
I wear beautiful, artisanal suits from my personal tailor, a Neapolitan craftsman.

What are some of the other destinations that 100% Capri feels most appropriate in?
Dubai is the next market we'd like to target.

What is the best-selling item at the Bal Harbour store?
Linen shirts.

What are some of the new looks you'd like to see for this season?
This season, I would love to see Miami in all white; everybody dressed in 100% Capri linens!

Has the home collection developed since you launched it in 2006, and how so?
Today we manufacture and own the designs for beautiful Murano-glass 100% Capri glass wear.


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