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Designer Yaz Bukey.

Yazbukey, the namesake jewelry and accessories line from French designer Yaz Bukey, has quickly become a favorite among style setters and statement-makers from London to Los Angeles. Here, we talk to the fabulous designer about her latest collection, available at The Webster Bal Harbour, and what she describes as her “le mama Yaz” style.

How did you come up with the "Fabulous Market" concept? It's so much fun!!
The collection is inspired by the late 50s/60s, when packaging design had its boom! These ads made women believe they were fancier if they cleaned their homes with good looking products! It’s incredible that we can sell anything with the right packaging. Even though today we keep saying we should create less junk!

What was the first piece of jewelry you designed?
A macaroni necklace when I was a kid. I remember painting it blue.

Do you design each collection yourself?
I work closely with Pierre-Marie Agin on the designs.

Your jewelry reads super Pop. Do you have a favorite Pop artist?
I consider myself more sophisti-pop!

How did Plexiglass become your main medium?
What do you especially like about the material? It's a capricious material, that's why I like it. I'm into trompe l'oeil, real and fake, reality and dreams. For me, Plexiglass represents these things.

Tell us about the home decor line, is that still in development?
Yes, I'm actually going to Milan soon concerning the "home sweet home" line. It has the same concept of trompe l'oeil. I like the idea of accessories for yourself and accessories for your home!

Are there any new collaborations coming up?
Yes, with a beauty line, but I’m keeping that under wraps for now...

How would you describe your personal style?
I call it “le Mama Yaz”

What are some of your wardrobe staples?
My Alaïa vintage dresses, my high heels and my Spanx!

I read somewhere that you never wear flats. Why not?
They hurt my feet because I'm used to high heels. You rule the world in heels!

Do you have a favorite shoe designer?
Francesco Russo.


Of the many iconic faces you've rendered in your work—among them, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Jackson—which has been the most popular?
Karl, of course. But my favorite is Jackie O.

Do you consider yourself a storyteller?
I like being the director, the writer and the actor of my collections, I love telling stories!


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