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Last week, Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour welcomed designers Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash Taylor to premiere their Fall (and debut) collection from their new line, Skaist-Taylor, with an in-store fashion show. The packed floor of women who anxiously awaited the line’s debut were bowled over by the fresh take on contemporary style. Skaist-Taylor’s Fall collection is best described as “California eccentric,” just like its namesake designers, who until now were best known as the founders of Juicy Couture.

Just before the show began, (be sure to check out our event photos in the Social Scene) we stole a few minutes with Pamela and Gela to discuss California style and lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Bal Harbour: Tell us about your new line.
Gela Nash Taylor: Our line is California eccentric, it’s autobiographical and it’s clothes that we’re obsessed with that we’re dying to wear.

BH: What’s your design process like? Do you split the role, share in it all?
GNT: We’re a total design team. We’re been partners for a long time—23 years.

BH: How has your friendship evolved since embarking on your first working partnership?
GNT: We’re more than friends; after 23 years, it’s more like family!

BH: What are your favorite pieces from the collection?
Pamela Skaist-Levy: There are so many… but the one piece I’m dying to get my hands on, that I want to wear night and day is the Band jacket. January Jones has been wearing it all over town and it’s amazing.
GNT: The Helena dress.

BH: How would you describe your client?
GNT: It’s for every girl and woman out there who has a crazy love affair with fashion. We design for someone who loves fashion and has the self confidence to know what looks great on her. She definitely mixes it up in her own way—which is a part of who we are, too. I think now more and more people have a choice and see everything that’s out there. They don’t want to just buy one full-blown designer look. They love to be able to make it their own. This is a very eclectic line, which is the way we like to dress.

BH: What do you think the major differences are between the Bal Harbour market, versus Los Angeles and New York?
GNT: It’s hard to really say yet with our own brand what will appeal here versus there, but from our history we’ve noted the greatest difference in sizing. You ship larger sizes to cold weather climates and smaller sizes to warm weather sizes like Florida and California. Even in Europe when you go to the Nordic countries, those are the biggest sizes.

BH: How would you describe the look down here?
GNT: Miami is about the body, it’s sexy, yet it’s also beachy like California is.
PSL: It’s party, it’s going out and I think the Skaist Taylor line is going to be perfect for Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour.

BH: What lessons have you taken from Juicy?
PSL: I really think that you have to love the product and love what you do. We were obsessed with Juicy and then we wanted to create a different kind of product—something that was autobiographical to who we are today. We were really too grown up for Juicy, so it was time to go.

BH: What has been your favorite experience with the line so far?
GNT: For me it was our Fall show. We did it in an underground parking garage at Lincoln Center; it was the first time anyone has done a show there. We transformed the garage into the California Redwoods. The soundtrack was done by my husband [John Taylor of Duran Duran]. And I have to say that seeing Anna Wintour stand in a parking lot in the freezing cold was amazing.

PSL: It was the best show and it was fun! We didn’t want uptight, we wanted people to come together. We shot four short films with Theodora Richards who is a rock goddess. She’s amazing. And all of the films were playing simultaneously on four screens as the girls walked around. THAT was our ‘they’re back’ moment.

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