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Gee Beauty is the ultimate destination for beauty and skincare. Its directors and resident experts, Celene and Natalie Gee, keep the store stocked with the best products that run the gamut from household names to boutique brands, as well as Gee Beauty’s own line of cosmetics. With the start of the New Year, we checked in with the Gee sisters to get a little advice on building a new skincare regimen, which treatments are trending and the one product that everyone must have in their beauty arsenal.

If we want to start off 2014 with a new skincare regimen, what must we do?
The best part about the new year is that it’s NEW! To start the year off right, we recommend a really good exfoliating mask. It’s a product that you don't need to use every day, but when you do, the concentration of the glycolic and hylarounic acids will slough off all your dry skin and reveal a softer skin that will having you glowing! Also incorporate a vitamin c serum for the eyes (they tell all), and we all need to brighten dark circles and decrease puffiness. We also can't neglect our body. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Try to incorporate a body cream into your daily regime and try to apply the cream directly after you shower onto damp skin as it’s best absorbed that way.

What's the single most important product for your face and why?
Our go-to, most important, most preventative, most adored vitamin C serum. It basically guarantees to reduce the signs of aging. When applied in the AM, it will protect the skin from damaging pollutants that seriously harm our skin. The earlier in your life that you can apply a vitamin C serum to your face and neck, the better.

And which brand do you recommend?
Skin Ceuticals Vitamin CE Ferulic or Phloretin CF.

One of the lines you carry, Intraceuticals, has somewhat of a cult following. Who are some celeb devotees?
Intraceuticals has a major cult following and for amazing reasons! Madonna is a huge devotees as is Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. Justin Timerberlake and Robin Thicke too! (It’s an incredible treatment and regime for men.)

What makes that line so special?
Intraceuticals is so special because it’s so easy and result driven! The company philosophy is based upon the importance of oxygen combined with vitamins that deeply penetrate into the skin, to plump and hydrate like never before. The Hydration Gel, Daily Serum & Eye Gel are some of our faves!

What's the most commonly requested product right now?
Serums are always the most requested product. They are so popular because it’s a single product that can have up to 30 active ingredients so it’s the perfect solution to a combination of skin challenges.

How often should you change up your routine?
As often as you like, but we suggest every 6-8 months. Of course you are always going to keep a few staples (vitamin C), but change is good and your skin will always thank you.

Do you recommend sampling a few different lines before committing to one?
We recommend sampling, but not too many. What you don't want to do is overwhelm your skin with a whole lot of different samples and possibly causing more harm than good. At Gee Beauty we do our very best to recommend a skincare regime that suits your lifestyle, and that’s something to make sure you do wherever you are purchasing your skincare products.

If someone wants an all-natural product, what do you recommend?
Tata Harper is our 100% natural and non-toxic offering that we love to recommend. Goldfaden MD is also natural and very result driven.

What's no-tox Botox all about?
No-tox Botox is a clever phrase that we love talking about. The ultimate wrinkle solutions that help increase volume, decrease wrinkles and expression lines, and life the skin. Tata Harper has just lunched ELIXIR VITAE that promises to plump and relax the skin with 30 active ingredients. It’s the natural alternative to anyone that does not want to be injected.

How often should we be getting facials?
We have a variety of facials that our clients can have weekly or monthly. What we like to say is that you should not go any longer than 8 weeks without one!

Do you have any new treatments or products launching in 2014?
We have a very exciting new Luminous Foundation launching in Spring 2014. It’s a full coverage foundation and leaves the skin luminous and hydrated. Plus, it’s mineral- and oil-free.

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