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Lynn Yaeger


By Tali Jaffe

Long Island-born Lynn Yaeger knew from a young age that she had very particular opinions on fashion. While her first articles were published by the Village Voice where she was working part time in the ad department, her voice was instantly recognized as one to take note of. Decades later, Yaeger’s personal and thoughtful prose grace the pages of Vogue, WSJ and New York magazines, among others.

On the heels of Couture week in Paris and in the midst of a heat wave in New York, we caught up with the Bal Harbour magazine contributor to discuss fame, fashion and her fall wish list.

What was the most challenging assignment you've taken on in your career and why?
Going to the gym twice a week for a Vogue article! Apparently I am the only adult woman in the United States who had never set foot in one of these places. It was quite an adventure (but I don’t care to repeat it.)

You've watched many young fashion talents rise. Whose ascent is currently the most promising?
I’m keeping an eye on Creatures of the Wind in New York, Meadham Kirchhoff in London, and I am very interested to find out what is happening with the relaunch of Schiaparelli in Paris.


What's your wardrobe weakness?
That’s easy—big funny dresses, cardigans, anything made of tulle, and antique Victorian jewelry.

Do you have a fall wish list and have you crossed anything off yet?
Well it really is a wish list—but ok—Vuitton velvets, Rochas coat strewn with little flowers and always sweaters from Secai and Thom Browne.


Your style is not easily mistaken for anyone else's. Are you often recognized on the street or stopped by fans?
Yes I am sometimes stopped and I must admit, I love it. It’s very flattering.

Whose writing (in print, blogs, online) do you follow?
I am devoted to the show reviews on Otherwise I read more hard news than fashion, I love politics.

Do you often stay in touch with any of your interview subjects? Who have you become friends with through an assignment?
Oh yes! I am very good friends with Andrew Heather, who until recently did the collections for Revillon. And I also hang out with Guillaume Henry at Carven and Olivier Rousteing at Balmain. And I am very close to the jeweler Eddie Borgo.


Is there someone you'd especially like to sit down with for a chat?
Miuccia Prada would be a dream.

What was the last runway show you attended?
It was the couture season in Paris in July—not sure what the last show was! Margiela? Gaultier?

What stories are you currently working on now?
My stories are all top secret—except for the one I am working on right now about Pajama Dressing for the Fall issue of Bal Harbour magazine.

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