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Welcome, Etro!

Etro's new Bal Harbour boutique.

Italian luxury house Etro opened its doors at Bal Harbour last week. To celebrate the occasion, we spoke to Jacopo Etro, the Creative Director of the Etro Accessories and Leather, Home and Textile collections, to discuss the new store, paisley and what it's like to work in a modern-day family owned company. 


Will the new Etro Bal Harbour follow the same vibrant look as your other boutiques?
Yes, vibrant colors are deeply rooted in the brand identity of Etro! The store showcases the Etro womenswear, menswear and accessories collections. The interior of our new shop at Bal Harbour wholly represents the latest generation of Etro boutiques.


Gray lacquered paneling on the walls, large carpets, plated glass, and steel bars for the display units are some of the signature fixtures and décor we have imparted in order to ensure a uniquely Etro experience. The new boutique represents the world of Etro, which is synonymous with a “Made in Italy” mentality. Style, high quality materials, natural fibers that are embellished by original designs and innovative colors are the ideals of our brand.

As a family-held company, what are some of the challenges and benefits of working with the family?
We work together in comparing our vision and ideas. We are like-minded in that we know we must retain the important values that have allowed us to maintain the tradition of our brand, while simultaneously always looking forward.

As a family business, we are able to preserve our roots and make all decisions without any external dictations. This is an essential component to our success and growth. We share the same vision for our brand including its design codes. Our appreciation for color, textures and fabrics is also a shared approach, which again, is advantageous to the success of the brand. Being a family, we truly understand one another. Our company decisions come easily if we take the time to fully consider each other’s perspectives.

What do you think is most appealing to the Miami client about Etro?
I think our Miami client truly appreciates the vibrant colors and prints they know to expect with every new Etro collection. Miami culture is rich, lively and artful. I think the clients see the vibrancy within our collections as a reflection of their lifestyle.

Do you hope to reach an international client through the Bal Harbour store?
Yes. Miami is a continually growing market with tourists visiting consistently throughout the year. We hope to fully engage the strong Brazilian base as well as the many other visitors who frequent the Miami area.


Will the Bal Harbour store have any exclusive pieces?
The assortment from both of our men’s and women’s collections is carefully tailored to the Miami market, although not entirely exclusive to Bal Harbour. We are a brand that values creative collaborations and I do foresee exclusives being available at the Bal Harbour location in the future.

What are some of the most popular looks this Spring and Summer?
The women’s collection is very feminine and romantic. Inspirationally and aesthetically, the collection is rooted in a dream-like, earthly paradise. However, it also exercises great restraint with simplified shapes and compact materials. The paisley design is positioned among hand painted flowers and colorful stripes. The men’s collection offers a soft, comfortable assortment where the traditional paisley print is interpreted in very soft shades. It is juxtaposed with madras patterns and almost emulates a pencil sketch. These motifs throughout both of our women’s and men’s collections resonate well with our customer and therefore are quite popular.


What is the Etro signature? Is paisley still at the company's core?
Etro has made the paisley its visual language and brand symbol. It has an ancient meaning and value. It symbolizes the seed of the date palm, also known as the “tree of life.” The design migrated from east to west, from Indian prints to Celtic embroideries. Its decorative power is so strong that it’s possible to use its beautiful pattern infinitely. We have applied it to so many different collections, each one more modern and evolved than the last. It is such a versatile pattern that we find fascinating. We constantly explore its aesthetic capabilities. The classic droplet-shaped, leaf motif is always being reinterpreted each season through experimentation and technology.

We like to create timeless pieces which are meant to be collected. There is always a balance of creativity, innovation and tradition. We call this the “New Tradition,” which is a key concept and significant brand value.

Tell us about the new Etro fragrance. Rajasthan is our latest fragrance and the 26th scent in our collection.
The mood of the fragrance suggests heightened femininity with an underlying nomadic yearning. There is a notion of eternal desire, a wild gypsy poetry set in colorful and adorned Maharajaha cities. The nomadic soul is celebrated. This always moving, living person radiates a passionate, cultured, and infectious energy and is at the core of the inspiration. The fragrance has a brightly colored bottle where the sinuous paisley leaves mimic the shining and enticing culture of India. 

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