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de Grisogono, Bal Harbour.

To celebrate the opening of de Grisogono’s new Bal Harbour boutique, we sat down with the company’s founder, Fawaz Gruosi, to discuss diamonds, watches and why every stone is precious to him.

This is a big anniversary year for you, congratulations. Do you have anything planned to celebrate 20 years?
We are coming out with a quite impressive collection of fine jewelry—basically only from diamonds—like 85 and basically, only from diamonds.  The collection is all really high end pieces of jewelry.

When did you launch timepieces?
In 2000. We started designing watches because at the beginning the brand wasn’t well known and it had the impression of being very expensive. I felt we had to do something to drive more traffic into the boutiques so people could get to know the brand. So we did this with the watches. And then I really began to enjoy designing them.

It seems like timepieces have become a personal style statement for so many people. Something they wear like fashion.
Exactly. Many years ago I remember, like 25, 30 years ago, people would just buy one watch. Or maybe two. Now people buy watches constantly, depending on the season or on the fashion. It’s become an accessory, like a handbag.

How would you describe your female client. From the look of your website, are you trying to appeal to a younger market?
When the company launched, the style in jewelry was very minimalist. So it was a little challenging for us to get our style through. We came out with bold designs with a lot of volume and lots of colors. It took time to get used to that kind of design. Women of a certain character, with a lot of expression, started buying the watches. And more soon followed and the popularity grew. So, I think now we appeal to younger and older generations at the same time.

And what about some of the materials that you use, there are a lot of colored stones, can you tell us what some of the most rare among them might be?
For me they’re all rare. They’re all precious. I don’t like the idea of “semi-precious stones.” When I see a stone, there are some that talk to me. I go by my feeling when I see the stones. I’ve also gone through phases. There was a time I was totally in love, madly in love with black color, when I started the black diamonds. And the last few years I’m in love with emerald color stones. Now I mix them all. There isn’t one single stone I use more.

So, you’re involved with all of the designs?
Yes. for the watches and jewelry.

Is it fair to say that there’s a signature of the brand?
Well, we do 4-500 unique pieces per year. Each one totally different from the other. But, I think you can see that there’s something that unites them.

And will the Bal Harbour store have any exclusive pieces?
We do have some unique pieces particular to each location and Bal Harbour will definitely have some special ones.

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