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Brioni Master Tailor Francesco Marrone

This Wednesday, April 10, Neiman Marcus welcomes Brioni Master Tailor Francesco Marrone for a special event honoring four of South Florida's philanthropists: Edgar Lozano, Gus Machado, Ricky K Patel and Dr. Sanford Ziff. These men of substance also have to look the part, so we checked in with Marrone to get some tips on Spring suiting and the latest in Men's fashion from Brioni.

What are the three most common mistakes men make when buying a suit?
The most common mistakes I see men make while buying a suit are choosing a jacket that is too long for their body, having a cuff on a flat front trouser and sleeve length.

How long should a good suit last?
The life of a suit all depends on how often you wear it, but the quality of a Brioni suit makes it timeless.

Which fabrics are appropriate for which season?
Flannels and touch finishes are always good for the Fall and Winter months. Lighter fabrics such as linen, cotton or silk are best for the warmer Spring and Summer months.

How do you recommend wearing a suit in the deep heat of summer?
I would recommend a lightweight, linen and cotton blend suit with a panama hat for a more casual Summer look and a bowtie and formal shirt for an evening event. The most important thing is to always embrace the philosophy of elegance.

Is there a rule about how many times a week you can wear the same suit?
A good rule of thumb would be only once a week.

What is the Brioni signature?
The Brioni signature suit is contemporary and elegant, a two button jacket with a vest.

Is there a particular cut or style that's particularly in fashion right now?
Right now, the style of the suit is a little bit closer to the body with the jacket and trouser being shorter in length. Two button, side vent with a flat front trouser.

You travel a lot in your job, which city's style has impressed you the most and why?
As an Italian, I would say Milan, which together with Paris is the capital of fashion. I consider Milan to be very refined, not only from an architectural and cultural standpoint, but also the people who are inspired by both street style and high fashion. The result is a very personal and sophisticated look.

How does the US market differ from say Italy when it comes to suiting?
Each market has its own sense of style. The differences are mainly in the choice of fabrics and colors. Americans, for example, prefer classic colors such as blue and grey for suits but are less conservative when it comes to choosing the color of a tie. Although there are differences in terms of taste, the idea of elegance remains the same in every corner of the world.

If you have to invest in one suit this Spring season, what should it be and why?
If you have to invest in only one suit this Spring season, it should be a light suit because in the Fall and Winter months we usually wear dark and dressier suits so it is nice to introduce a lighter option for hot Spring into Summer months. Neiman Marcus is currently offering a light tan fine line suit that is 64 percent wool and 36percent cotton (fabric number 3313/1052) that is a perfect example of a Spring suit.

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