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Bal Harbour was the first place Tory Burch set up shop in Florida more than five years ago. So, when it came time to introduce her brand’s new beach concept at select locations worldwide, Burch selected her first Floridian home away from home for the unveiling.

We caught up with the designer and globetrotting style icon to talk about all things beach chic.

Why did you choose Bal Harbour Shops to introduce your new beach concept design?
Bal Harbour was the first store we opened in Florida—in 2007. We thought it would be the perfect location to try out our new beach concept.
Are the design elements of the new store concept reflective of a place that exists—your own beach house, a place you've visited, etc.?
It is a mix of many different things: light beach colors, the feel of Miami and an Alberto Pinto-designed riad in Tangier, Morocco.

Do you work with an interior designer on your store concepts, or is this largely your own design?
It’s collaboration with architect Daniel Romualdez. We have worked on all of our stores together from the beginning and we push each other in different directions.
Can we expect to see an expansion into home accessories in the near future?
We always think and talk a great deal about home, but it’s not something we will be doing in the near future.

As we're channeling beach chic here, what are your five beach bag essentials?
Panama-style straw hat
Sunscreen with SPF 30 or above
Flip flops
Tory Burch swimsuit
iPad with great playlists and books
What was the last great beach vacation you went on?
My children and I and I went to Hawaii over Christmas break. They were in heaven surfing, hiking and whale watching—a perfect combination for three boys.

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